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Lufia: The Origins, by $pike
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"Lufia: The Origins", by $pike


Hi there... a time ago, I came up with the idea of creating a Lufia game with the RPG Maker2K, but since im wayyyyyyyyyyyy too lazy - I wrote the story down and created a fan fic instead... this fan fic takes place 22 years before RotS and tells the story about Maxim's parents and their relationship, about Iris, Lufia, Erim, Arek and many more.. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it... since this is not my first story, you may judge hard.

Note: The following text features Lufia Facts as well as pure fan imagination.

It was a warm summernight, and Takir and his wife Lufia were sitting on their Balcony in their House in Elcid. A small fuzz of light brightened the house and a quiet piece of music came from the inn. Their 2 year old son Maxim was already asleep and so, Takir and Lufia relaxed in the glare of the full moon.

Far away in the Town Narvik, dark forces where struggeling, and in the mountaintop fortress, thad lied deep within Mount Doom in Eastland; a god named Arek knew that the time of decision would come... and so, he created the Dual Blade, an omnipotent weapon filled with power. This Dual Blade shall decide between good and evil in a future battle.

He sent his Son Daos out, to recrute 3 Brave warriors all over the world. Daos, who had his roots in Eastland, first traveled to Southland and recruted Amon, a young warrior with brave heart who lost his family... and seeks revenge and chaos.

In Westland he recruted Gades, a fallen celeric and warrior of destruction. And then he entered norhtland. And on this fatal day, the Light appeared for the first time.

Next Morning Takir woke up alone. His son Maxim and his wife Lufia were gone. So Takir begun to ask the People of Elcid if they saw her. But there was no need to worry, she just traveled to Tanabel to visit her friend Tuhna, and say hello to her 4 year old son Guy.

And so Takir went to work as usual. He was a Blacksmith, and created weaponary and armory. He also tested his work before he sold it, and so he was a brave warrior too.

Then suddenly, a man ran into town.

He told the people that a man named Daos entered Tanabel and took a woman named Lufia Hostage. As Takir heard that, he went to Tanabel imediatly, just to find his son lonely in the hands of the dead Tuhna. He swore revenge.

After bringing Maxim back to elcid, into the hands of his friend Makar, who had also a 2 year old kid named Taia, he set out to find Daos and rescue his wife.

Meanwhile, Daos, Amon and Gades returned to Arek. Lufia, who wanted just to be back home was ideal for Arek. Her heart was strong, full of love and peace. She would be the perfect creature of death.

And so, Arek transformed Amon and Gades to bigger, stronger creatures of Chaos and Destruction. But for Lufia, he used his dark powers to transform her into the ultimate evil.

An evil, that called herself Erim.

Those four Creatures should be called sinistrals...

Gades, Sinistral of Destruction
Amon, Sinistral of Chaos
Erim, Sinistral of Death
Daos, Sinistral of Terror

Obaying Arek, the four sinistrals should be the Dark force in the Ultimate decision battle for earth, and they shall only be defeated by the Dual Blade, that was created only for this purpose.

Next day, Takir arrived in Portravia. The people there said, that a young man named Lexis Shaia invented a telescope, and saw that a lightning ball left Tanabel and flew towards Eastland. So Takir sold his last stuff and bougth a ship to travel to Eastland.

Eastland was similar to Northland, with the same triangle in the middle of the sea. In this triangle was Mount Doom, and this triangle was the mirror to the triangle in northland where the people of Narvik obayed Arek.

As takir entered this triangle, Arek knew that his time would come soon. And when Takir finally stood against Arek, he sent his sinistrals to kill Takir.

And on this fatal day, Takir found his end killed by his own wife, Erim...

This was the beginning of a war that will last for more than 400 years. And on this day, Arek told Erim that one day a man named Maxim will come to destroy them, and she should guide him to his destiny...


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