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Lufia: The Beginning of a New Time, by devils_teardrop
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"Lufia: The Beginning of a New Time", by devils_teardrop

Little Jeros slowly walked up the steps to his parents room. His aunt had always took care of him ever since hi parents left. Whenever he asked what had happened to them, his aunt just shrugged and left the room.

It was now six years after the battle of Doom Island and Jeros' parents have become great heroes but Jeros doesn't care if they are heroes or not. He just wants them back so he can be like everybody else and have a normal life.

He walked into his parents room where his aunt was sitting on Selan and Maxim's bed. "Aunt, what happened to my mommy and daddy?" His aunt shrugged but Jeros said quickly. "I want an answer now. I don't care for an excuse, I want an answer. His aunt finally said. "Your parents are .... well.... not coming back. They died in the battle, you are their heir and you will save the planet when necessary." Jeros didn't say anything to that. In fact he didn't say anything for a long time.

Twelve years later...

Jeros wandered through the streets of Parcelyte. He saw a woman with blue hair. He walked over to her and said, "hello. Who are you?" The woman looked at him surprisingly. " Oh hello. My name is Tia. I was looking for Selan." "Don't you know? Selan is dead!""Oh , I wanted to ask her about a man named Maxim. He died in The Batlle of Doom Island!" " I know, he was my father, and Selan was my mother.""You are their son? Really, I was in love with Maxim, or so I thought. I'm on a journey to find my real purpose.""In that case, come back to my house."

They walked back with Tia asking Jeros several questions.

Tia looked at his aunt and called her name. Jeros looked a little shocked."You know my aunt Tia?" "Yes, we met when I first came here with Maxim and Guy." Jeros asked many questions about his father and mother and their journey.

Tia shortly left but told of a way to contact the spirit world to talk with his parents. She also told that the only way to do this was to have a sorcerer with him. He left to see his parents.

To Be Continued....

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