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The Story of Maxim's Brother, by Phil P
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"The Story of Maxim's Brother", by Phil P

It was dark. Black as coal. Cold as ice. A great evil wondered the city of Hamune, killing each soul one, by one. The dark evil master thought of what person he would kill next, to feed his hunger. And that person had the name of Mixam.

Mixam was the brother of the famous Maxim who had killed the Sinistrals and brought peace to our world, until he went on holiday. Maxim was on holiday, so who was to protect our world from evil while he was gone? Mixam lived with Maxim all his life, and now, doom surrounds him. What can he do?

The evil master drew near his house. People screamed and Mixam had heard he was being hunted down by evil. He took Maxim's Dual Blade and ran through the back door into the Forest of Hope. Not much hope was there for Mixam. Not much at all...

The evil master smashed into the house and tored it down. Mixam gulped. Will Mixam be spotted? The dark evil master set the rubble of the house on fire and then used some sort of black magic to make the fire go invisible. The master peered around a full turn, and stared in the direction of Mixam. All of a sudden, he started running as fast as a car at Mixam. This was it! Mixam was going to die!

Mixam drew the Dual Blade and sliced the dark evil master's feet off. Then something very unusual happened. The feet that were cut off walked away, and the place where the master's feet were cut off, feet grew back again! Mixam started to run for his life. Was this the end for Mixam?

The evil master tripped up Mixam as he was running and took out a sharp dagger that had written on the side of it:

Those who get stabbed by this,
Will die,
And death is only the beginning...

This was written in blood. The master raised his dagger and was about to stab Mixam.

"Maxim? Is that you?"

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