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The Evil Returns, by Caleb Hughes
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"The Evil Returns", by Caleb Hughes

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I made up some characters for this story. There are a few spoilers if you haven’t finished Lufia 2 yet. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Evil

Long ago, Maxim, Selan, Guy and Artea defeated the Sinistrals on Doom Island. But, after the battle Selan was killed, and Maxim couldn’t believe it. What’s worse is that Maxim became separated from Guy and Artea after the bridge between them collapsed. Maxim made them escape, as he perished with the island.

“Yo, Clint!” rang a voice. “Yes, Jeremy?” I said. “Hurry up or we’re gonna be late!” he replied. I sighed and gathered up my things. Today our class was going on a field trip to East Land, the place where the fabled Doom Island supposedly fell. I don’t believe it, but Jeremy sure does. He’s an idiot, but he’s also my best friend. The teacher started to talk, but I got bored quickly. I wandered away, and then I realized I was lost. Then I heard a scream! I looked, and I saw wolves cornering a girl! “Hey!” I yelled. The wolves looked, and then started chasing me! I grabbed a stick, and then they turned and ran. “Are you okay?” I asked. The girl answered “Yes”. “Are you lost?” I asked. “Yes” was the reply. “Do you want to come with me?" I asked. “Yes” she said.

“Sir Arek! The phantom wolves failed to capture the girl!”

Chapter 2: Lila

“Hey Clint! who’s that?” Jeremy asked when I returned. “This is Lila”, I answered. Lila had told me she didn’t remember anything about herself, except that her name was Lila. It was very strange, but I didn’t say anything. We took her with us when we left, and Mom said she could stay with us for now…..

“It is time…, we will now resurrect Gades, Sinistral of Destruction!” With a flash of light Gades appeared! “S…S…Sir Arek!” he gasped. “Gades, I have had enough of your failures! GET THE GIRL!!!!!” he yelled. “Yes, Sir Arek!” Gades said, and he vanished. “Why do you want her?” a servant asked. “She has the power, the power to resurrect Erim! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Chapter 3: Gades appears!!!!!

Lila and I were out walking when we heard some sounds, and suddenly a gigantic man appeared! “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gades, Sinistral of Destruction! Now give me the girl!” he yelled. “Never! I…” I didn’t get to finish, at that moment something smashed my stomach, and I fell on the ground. “CLINT!” Lila screamed. HAHAHAHA was the last thing I heard, or I thought. Then Lila raised her hands and yelled, “RALLY!” I instantly felt better. Then I heard someone yell “FIREBALL!” I thought it was Gades, but he was the target! Then I saw a strange masked girl looming over me. “Thanks” I said “But who are you?”

Chapter 4: The Magician Relm

“I am the magician Relm, and my purpose is to defeat Gades!” she said. “ARRRRRRRGH! I”LL BE BACK!!!!!” Gades yelled, and he vanished. “You, have you ever heard of a sword called the Dual Blade?” she asked. “No” I said. “Oh… Well… I have to go now…” and she started to leave. “Wait! Let us come with you!” I yelled. “WHAT!?” she asked. “Please, Lila is in danger and I can’t protect her on my own. I will do anything!” “Well….. okay…. but hang on! Do you have a sword?” I ran inside and explained everything to Mom. She let me have my father’s sword. “Okay!” she said, lets go!” So we started on our quest….

Chapter 5: Jeremy Joins!

We were walking when we heard the bushes shake. “Hey you! Get out of there!” Relm said. I couldn’t believe it! It was Jeremy! “I’m not going to let you have the greatest adventure of your life and not invite me along!” I laughed and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry.” “Hey! I never said you could come! Go away!” Relm snapped. Just then we were attacked by 3 goblins. Relm rose her hands to cast a spell, when Jeremy said, “Wait! Let me prove I can help you!” He drew his blade and slew all 3 goblins. “So, can he come Relm?” I asked. She sighed and said “Yes, I suppose he can”. Me and Jeremy did a high-five. It was going to be great having him along!

Chapter 6: Relm v.s. Gades

We had been walking along a dirt path for 8 days when Relm suddenly said “Well, here we are!”. “Were are we?” I asked. “Gordovan, my home town” she said. “We need to stop here, there is something I need to do”. A little later she came back, and somebody was with her! “This is Devan, he can help us” she said. “Are we done here? I want to get going!” Jeremy snapped. “Okay, lets go!” she said. “You’re Devan? You don’t look so strong!” Jeremy said. “You want to try me?” Devan asked. “Sure….Hey! Where’s my sword?!” Jeremy asked. “Right here, I’m fast” Devan said as he held up Jeremy’s blade. “Look! It’s Gades!” Relm yelled. Relm started to go but I held her back. “Stop!” she said as she pulled free. “Clint, let her go she must do this on her own” Devan said.

Chapter 7: Relm’s Last Stand

Relm and Gades battled for a long time, so I finally went up after her. “FIREBIRD!” Relm shouted. “You missed” Gades said. I got there just in time to watch Gades thrust his blade straight through Relm’s stomach, and then he vanished. I rushed over to Relm. “C…Clint? Listen… use the portal at the Mountain of no Return….” and then she died.

Chapter 8: Amon Revived!

“Gades you are back!” Arek stated. Gades set down his sword and looked at Amon. There was a strange smile on his face. “Master! I have killed the magician Relm!” “Excellent! She will bother us no more!” Arek yelled. “However, I am more concerned about that boy Clint. He could be trouble, so that is why I have decided to revive Amon!” Arek said. “AMON! APPEAR BEFORE ME!!!!!!” Arek shouted. “Sir Arek what are your orders?” asked the newly revived Amon. “I want you to destroy Merix Village!”

Chapter 9: Merix Destroyed!

We arrived at the village of Merix about 15 days after Relm had been killed, and we were all determined to avenge her. “Finally!” Jeremy yelled “Merix Village! Now we can have some real food!” “Shut up you glutton!” Devan snapped. “We’re not stopping here!” “How dare you! I oughta….”Jeremy yelled. “Hey! hey! settle down!” I said. “How about we stop for the night, and continue tomorrow morning?” “Fine…” Devan muttered. As we were there, we noticed a poster for a colloseum battle. A brother and sister pair of fighters were going to duke it out. We watched; when suddenly a ray of light destroyed the colloseum! I looked around, and I saw that Jeremy, Devan, The two fighters, and I were all okay, but the people had all been killed. I suddenly noticed that Lila was gone! I looked up, and I saw that a man similar to Gades was holding her! “Who are you?!” I yelled….

Chapter 10: Lila’s Kidnapping

“This girl is mine! I am Amon!” and then he vanished, taking Lila with him. “Let’s go” I said to Jeremy and Devan after it was over. “Wait!” said the boy fighter, “I am Peter and she is May, Please let us come we must avenge our hometown!” “Okay! lets go!” Having these new allies along would be great!

Chapter 11: The Mountain of no Return

After traveling for 75 days, we finally made it to The Mountain of no Return. I thought about what Relm told me before she died. This was the place I needed to be. Only, their was some kind of barrier that prevented me from entering! I had no choice but to go to Artea for help. He lived in a village of Elves near the mountain. “Please Artea!” I begged we must get through the barrier. The Sinistrals will….” “The Sinistrals!” he yelled. “Say no more. I will help you!” He went to the mountain and undid the seal, and then he fell on the ground! “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled. “Please… do not… be…sad; you must defeat…. them t..take this s..s…s..sword…..” and he collapsed, dead.

Chapter 12: The Final Battle!

“This is….the Dual Blade?” I stammered. “We need a strategy!” Jeremy said. “Here’s what we should do, Jeremy-take Gades and try to beat him. Devan-help Jeremy. Peter& May-take on Amon. I’ll try to look for their leader. Everybody ready? Let’s go!”

Chapter 13: Gades&Amon defeated!

“Gades!” Devan yelled when he and Jeremy found him. “I will avenge Relm!” he said, and he charged at Gades. Gades dodged, only to be struck by Jeremy. He then unleashed a destructo-wave! It struck Jeremy down! “NO!!!!!!!!!” Devan yelled. He raised his blade….and cut Gades in two! He then rushed over to Jeremy. He remembered just in time that he had brought a miracle along with him! He poured it out, and Jeremy revived!

“AMON! It is time for you to pay for what you did!” Peter barked. Amon wasted no time in attacking. He delivered a crushing blow to Peter. “PETER!!” Amy yelled. She then glowed with a white light and yelled just two words….”DIVINE RAY!” and Amon instantly vanished. He had been defeated. May used a miracle on Peter, and then she collapsed, exhausted.

Chapter 14: The Showdown

I ran into the room and gazed up at the throne. “Hello!” said the figure. “I am the Sinistral Daos! It is time for your demise!” I raised the Dual Blade, and defeated him with a single stroke! Then I heard a clap! “Good, good but I, Arek leader of the sinistrals, will not be defeated easily!” “Come and get it!” I yelled. I swung, but I missed, and he hit me harder than I have ever been hit before! “ARRRGHHHH!” I screamed. He raised his hand to deliver the Death Blow, but it was just what I was waiting for. I ran the blade through his chest, just like Gades did to Relm. He fell; he was dead. I ran over to Lila, but for the first time ever she avoided me. “Clint” she said. “I was going to be used to resurrect Erim, the Sinistral of Death! I was so scared, but I am glad you are here.” “Yes.” I said. “Lets go home.”

We had finally defeated the Sinistrals, but what happened to us? Funny you should ask…..


PETER&AMY----- They went back and repaired Merix Village along with the surviving villagers, and made the village like new!

DEVAN----- Went back to Gordovan and became the strongest swordsman to ever have lived there.

JEREMY----- Turns out he ran off from home to join us! He got grounded for a year! His mother was really proud of him though.

CLINT&LILA----- We went home and lived our lives in peace, but I will never forget our grand adventure. Will we go on another one? Who knows?


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