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The Evil Returns 2, by Caleb Hughes
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"The Evil Returns 2", by Caleb Hughes

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It is strongly suggested that you read my first fan fiction, The Evil Returns before you read this one.

Opening: The Three Mages

One year ago Clint, Lila, Peter, Amy, Jeremy, and Devan defeated the Sinistrals atop Doom Island. Now, a greater evil stalks the earth! Will the heroes rise again to stop it, or will we all be destroyed? A city is burning, frozen, and being sizzled by lightning. In the wreckage of what used to be Elcid, the dark beings appeared. One had fiery red hair and the power over fire; his name was Fry. Another had cool blue hair and the power over ice; her name was Freda. The last one had shocking yellow hair and the power over lightning; his name was Thor. Together, these three mages destroyed many cities. The cities they destroyed were: Elcid, Sundletan, Alyen, Alunze, and Tanbel. Their rage would not be satisfied until they had wiped out all of humanity. Clint! The world needs you!

Chapter 1: Clint’s Quest Begins

I had received word that another city had been destroyed. I couldn’t watch the destruction any longer. I didn’t have the Dual Blade anymore, so I picked up my father’s trusty sword and headed out. On the way, Lila stopped me and told me to take her. I felt afraid to do so, but she wasn’t going to move until I said yes, so I took her with me. I also ran into Jeremy. “You’re going to fight those mages aren’t you?” he said. “Take me with you!” Once again I had no choice. So Lila, Jeremy, and I started on our quest.

Chapter 2: The road to Tanbel

Tanbel was the last city to have been destroyed, so I decided that would be the first place I should check. Lila, Jeremy, and I were walking along the path when suddenly we were attacked by an army of Scorpions! “No way!” Jeremy yelled. We drew our blades and charged, but they were to powerful. We were sure we would lose, but then a fireball rained from the sky and destroyed the Scorpions! We didn’t see who did it, but we had no time to search. That night, after Lila was asleep, Jeremy and I talked about the battle. “Those Scorpions were more powerful than usual” Jeremy stated. “I counted about 32 of them” I replied. I didn’t say it aloud, but I was sure those were minions of whoever was destroying the towns. The next morning, we arrived in Tanbel.

Chapter 3: Fry and Krystal

When we arrived in Tanbel, we saw a strange man starting a fire. “YOU!” I yelled. “You have been destroying the towns?!” “Yes!” said the man. “I am Fry, and you are dead!” We charged at him, but he merely lifted his hand and set us on fire! I was sure we were going to die, but just in time, Lila yelled “VALOR!” We were all healed! Then a girl appeared, and said “THUNDER!” and zapped Fry! “ARRRRGHH! You’ll pay!” he screamed, and then he vanished. “I am Krystal” the girl said. “I want to help you beat him.” “Okay!” I said. Krystal was powerful. She would be a big help!

Chapter 4: Old Friends

As Jeremy, Lila, Krystal, and I talked about our next destination, we heard a scream! We peeked through some bushes, and we saw a boy and girl fighting a Regal Goblin! “Hey!” Jeremy said. “Isn’t that Peter and Amy?” I couldn’t believe it. It really was Peter and Amy! We rushed to help them. Jeremy and I attacked with our blades. Peter punched him with his spiked gloves. Amy used a whip on him, and Krystal attacked with her blizzard spell. We beat the Regal Goblin eventually. “Thanks guys!” Peter said. “I’m glad to see you again!” “Do you know about what’s been going on?” Amy asked. “Yeah” I told them. We talked about it, and Peter and Amy agreed to help us. “Where do we go from here?” Peter asked me. “Gordovan” I answered. “We can ask Devan for help.” So we started on the road to Gordovan.

Chapter 5: The end of Devan

When we finally got to Gordovan, we saw Devan fighting for his life! “Hey Fry! Fight me!” I yelled, and I charged at him. I was being stupid. He set me on fire with very little effort. Lila yelled “CHAMPION!” and healed me. Fry then turned around and simply said “FIRESTORM!” and killed Devan. I lost control then. I focused all my energy into my blade and ran Fry through. He fell, dead. I sat on the ground and stared at Devan’s body. “Devan, I have avenged you!” I said. Then I fell unconscious.

Chapter 6: Freda and Thor

“What’s wrong Freda?” Thor asked. She turned over to Thor and said, “Fry went to Gordovan to kill a warrior who he thought might be a problem. He was successful, but he got killed himself.” “WHAT?!” Thor yelled, then he settled down. “My dear Freda, we are more powerful than Fry was, when I met these “warriors” I shall avenge him!”

Chapter 7: Benjamin the Elf

It was 3 days after Devan had been killed that I awoke. “Clint!” Lila cheered. “I was worried about you!” Jeremy told me. “We were wondering if you were ever going to wake up!” Amy remarked. “At least it is all over” I said. “We can finally go home.” “Well….. Not exactly….” Krystal mentioned. “Huh?” I asked. “I thought we beat Fry!” “We did” She said solemnly. “There are 2 more who are even more powerful than he was.” “NO WAY!” we all yelled in unison. “Oh well….” I said. “If we have to fight, then we will.” “I suggest going to Elfrea next.” Krystal said. “There is a powerful elf named Benjamin, he will help us.” So we started off to Elfrea…..

Chapter 8: Freda and the Three Gems

After buying a boat at Gordovan, we set off in search of Elfrea. After 25 long days of searching, we finally found it. As we went in, we all noticed something. “They’re all staring at us!” Jeremy said. “They are not used to seeing people.” Krystal replied. “What business do you have here?!” an elf yelled. Krystal walked up to him and said, “Take me to see Benjamin.” “No way!” the elf yelled. “I…” “Bryce… stop” a younger elf said. “I will see them.” “Benjamin, please help us! We…” But just then, a chill settled over the village. Then a girl suddenly appeared! “I am Freda. DIE!” She raised her hand and shot an ice beam at Bryce! It froze him instantly! “NO!” Benjamin shouted. He shot an arrow on it pierced her shoulder! “NO!” she yelled. “I will return!” then she vanished. “I now see what you meant” Benjamin said. “I shall help you!”

“Elder!” an elf stated. “I know. People like that will ruin the world! In will seal our town away with 3 gems, and place those gems in 3 towers. That way, no human will ever again cross into our village.” The Elder said.

Chapter 9: Freda defeated!

We were out in the middle of nowhere when suddenly Benjamin said, “She in the Tower of Truth.” “How do you know?” I asked. “I would never forget such an evil aura!” Benjamin said. We walked into the clearing and found a town. “These are the Chaed ruins” Krystal said. Chaed was a town that had been destroyed by the Sinistrals during Maxim’s time. “From here it is only a short sail to the Tower of Truth” Benjamin said. When we arrived, a barrier blocked our path. “Let me handle this!” Amy piped up. “REDUCE!” Amy yelled. The barrier was totally destroyed! “Good” I said. “But it will be dangerous inside, that’s why Amy, Lila, and Krystal should stay here. There was protest, but it was going to be a risky trip into the tower. They finally backed down. So Jeremy, Peter, Benjamin, and I entered the tower. Then suddenly, Freda appeared! “You should never have come, now you shall never leave! We rushed her at the same time. Jeremy and I used our blades, Peter used his spiked gloves, and Benjamin used his bow. We caused great damage to Freda, but she recovered using Champion! Then she raised her hand, and froze Jeremy and Peter solid! “We can’t win!” Benjamin yelled. “Time to die!” Freda yelled. Suddenly, a voice rang out “ICE VALK!” and smashed Freda! Then Lila appeared and used Release. Instantly, Jeremy and Peter were unthawed! Freda tried to heal herself, but Krystal said, “I used Silent powder on you. You can’t heal yourself!” “No...” Freda moaned, and then she fell, dead. We had beaten her!

Chapter 10: Thor’s Revenge

We were all laughing and having a good time at the island of Gruberik. Freda’s defeat made us confident that there was nothing more to fear, when suddenly, a storm came up! “That’s odd” Peter remarked. “Just a minute ago the sun was shining.” Then, without warning, a bolt of lightning tore through the center of the inn! We ran outside, and saw a menacing young man in the center of the town. He raised his hands, and in an instant destroyed the city! Then he turned to me and said, “Hello Clint. My name is Thor. I have come for revenge after you killed my brother and sister!” “If you want revenge” I said, “Then you’ve come to the right guy!” The others started to help, but lightning separated me from them! “There is no need for them” he said, “This battle will be one-on-one!” “Fine!” I said. This was the last battle. I would not lose!

Chapter 11: The Last Battle

Thor and I exchanged blows for a long time. Whenever I would strike him, he would zap me with lightning. Then he gave me a blow so hard I went flying! The blade fell out of my hand. He picked it up, and shattered it to pieces! I lost all hope, until I thought about the towns, Devan, and all the people he had hurt. I loosed all my rage in a single punch. It went right through his stomach! He was dead! The lightning barrier vanished, and I was reunited with my friends! The adventure had been a hard one, but we won in the end! Want to know what happened afterward?


BENJAMIN: Became the next elder of Elfrea, and led his people in peace for the rest of his life.

KRYSTAL: She revealed to me that she was from a town called Arus. She went on to become the best magician in the world.

PETER & AMY: Went back to Merix Village and continued to compete in its coliseum and became the best fighters to have ever competed there.

JEREMY: Unlike when we fought the Sinistrals, he had permission to go this time! His mom and dad threw him a big party even!

CLINT & LILA: Returned to our hometown, while it was exciting going on a journey, I hoped that another one won’t happen for a LONG time.


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