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The First Doom Island War, by Caleb Hughes
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"The First Doom Island War", by Caleb Hughes

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NOTE: If you haven’t beaten Lufia 2 yet this poem will ruin some surprises...

We got off the airship and we went inside.
The ship had been ruined; it was a terrible ride.
As we walked along the silver path,
nobody breathed, or uttered a laugh.
Gades was first to try and stop us.
We defeated him without a fuss.
Amon was next, he was tougher than Gades.
We cut him down with our mighty blades.
Then I saw one I had never seen.
Her hair was purple; her face was mean.
She said that she was the Sinistral of Death.
She was intimidating, but nobody left.
Her name was Erim, we fought her bravely.
She caused great damage to us; we beat her barely.
We crossed the glass bridge, and approached the last room.
We fought Daos; he caused a big boom.
Then they joined together, and merged their energies.
We did the same; and merged OUR energies.
The energy waves collided for some time.
When it was over, Guy, Artea, and I were just fine.
But Selan was different, the blast went right through her.
The bridge then collapsed; trapping me with Selan.
I made the others flee; I wish it was only a dream.
Then Daos appeared; and told me his plan.
He was going to have the island fall on Parcelyte; like bugs with a pan.
Then Iris appeared; who was really Erim.
She told me how to stop the island, so the city it would not cram.
I broke the first two easily.
But the third one was strong, and I felt measly.
I used every thing I had in one last blast.
Then I laid down for one last rest...


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