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Were All Then Gone, by Cyrus_Soulfire
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"Were All Then Gone", by Cyrus_Soulfire

Dual blade once rings,
yet brings nothing,
only the screams,
were forgotten,

Were hope once laid,
I was frightened ,
memories fade,
all forgotten,

All that was left,
was now rotten,
inside the cleft,
then forgotten,

Will hope return,
can we forget,
only to urn,
gone, forgotten,


Ok this is a first attempt at poetry in a very long time for me, so I hope it doesn't completely not make any sense =\

If anyone was wondering what it meant in my mind... it was about the Dual Blade being gone forever. (Actually in that case now that I think about it, it applies to my fan fic ^_^ and I didn't even mean to write it like that.)

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