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These cheat codes were all designed to be used with the Game Genie. The codes can also be used with the Pro Action Replay system through a conversion utility.

Lufia World cannot be held responsible for the effects of these codes.

Cheat Codes:
EE64-D46D Use "Equip Strongest" in equip menu to increase stats.
DD68-D7AD Greater damage.
Attack Power, Strength, Defense up to 999.
EEEC-17A1 Level 22 after one battle.
Level 99 after one battle.
EEB7-1D00 No battles.
EEEE-4FD9 Unlimited HP when first activated, but starts at 999 after loading saved game.
EEE0-1DD9 13 gauntlets after equipping item.
5560-3FD3 59 gauntlets.
EEE0-1461 Loaded games have maximum attributes.
EEED-4F05 35,000 gold.
EEE7-4FD5 Opponents always miss.
EEE7-44D5 Kill enemy with one hit.
EEEF-17DC Unequipping an item will add an item.
48EF-170C Get zircon armor when item is unequipped.
01EF-170C Get deadly sword when item is unequipped.
0CEF-170C Get war rapier when item is unequipped.
EEE2-1D0C Get many items when going to the status screen.

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