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Review, by Chris
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"Lufia and the Fortress of Doom" is a very old game. But I have no regrets in telling people that it's one of the best games ever made.

You progress through the game controlling a party of four people. You wander around towns, dungeons, towers, forests, and caves completing tasks that will eventually tie in to an excellent story.

In LFD (Lufia & the Fortress of doom), you control a hero whom you can name. The story takes place 100 years after a horrific time when four evil gods had descended on Earth (the Sinistrals). These gods were defeated by a hero called Maxim, and his friends. The story kicks off with you controlling the super-powerful Maxim in the fight against the Sinistrals. After that, 100 years pass and you begin the true adventure. Basically, you are investigating a series of terrible events caused by Gades (a Sinistral). You can't work out why he's returned until the end of the game (where there is of course a plot twist). The blue-haired girl Lufia who you meet is an important part of the story, especially towards the end... so I won't say anything about her!

Fairly normal story for an RPG right? That's where you're wrong. The game starts off with you completing small tasks for villagers, then all of a sudden you're saving the world. The Sinistral plot line is amazing, and the twists and turns that come in will surprise you.

Apart from searching for the Sinistrals, you have to defeat monsters. LFD incorporates the traditional turn-based battle system. This is very accomplished in LFD. Although the battle graphics aren't amazing, they are very enjoyable. As in all RPG games, you select from moves like 'attack', 'magic', 'item', 'run' and 'defend'. The enemies are not only intelligent - they're strong. There is a good chance the hero will meet his maker more than once throughout the game!

Graphics - 65%
A very nice looking game (although not as good looking as Rise of the Sinistrals). Could have done with some battle backgrounds though.

Sounds - 85%
The music is excellent, and in many cases unforgettable. The Fortress of Doom theme is one you'll hear in the night.

Gameplay - 93%
Fact - it's fun. You'll not be able to stop until you get to the end.

Story - 97%
You are in the heart of this excellent storyline from the start of the game. Warning! The ending could make you cry!

Lifespan - 90%
When you finish LFD, you'll get an option to play through it again. The only difference, is that you get 4x more experience and gold from battles. Also, because Lufia 2 is a prequel, when you finish it, you'll want to play LFD again as it is a follow on to Lufia 2's story.

Overall - 86%
LFD is a truly excellent RPG - an experience I will not forget anytime soon. It paved the pathway for the future of the Lufia series.

Ranking in the Lufia series - 2nd
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (1st)
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom (2nd)
Lufia: The Legend Returns (3rd)
Lufia: The Ruins of Lore (4th)

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