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Review, by Philip
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"Lufia and the fortress of doom" is an old game, but it is very enjoyable.

The story is very easy to understand and is very good. I think the lufia games are one of the best RPG's

Lifespan 100%

It is so enjoyable that when you are bored, you can go back to it, and there is hardly no where where you can get really stuck.

Gameplay 91%

The story and the gameplay is very good - that is all i can say.

Story 100%

Like in most RPG's there is a story that is very wierd, but in this game, you can understand it and it is easy to follow. The story is the thing I liked best

Sinistrals 10000000%

They are the coolest things ever made in a RPG game. It would be even better if you could play as them!

I think this game is so good , i give it 10/10 and as a percantage - 98%.


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