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The Sinistrals
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Meet the Sinistrals, the best bad guys video gaming has ever seen. By best I mean coolest. If I meant strongest I'd be lying - they've been killed three times and counting!

Gades - Master of Destruction

Meet Gades, Sinistral of Destruction. He may be the weakest of the godly gang, but he managed to knock out everyone in Sheran (somehow the buildings were left intact). Here are some quotes!

"I am evil!" (followed by calling you "puny")
"My purpose is destruction!"
"You... woman! You!" (his last words as Lufia... "saves the day" in Sheran...?)

Gades might be a walkover (aww), but Lufia wouldn't be the same without him. He's cool, you see.

Amon - Master of Terror

Hmmm... when I first played the Lufia games I was a little confused. You see, in The Fortress of Doom, Amon is the Master of Terror... but in the other Lufia games, he's the Master of Chaos. Gods can get bored of their jobs too.

Amon is the second of the sinistrals. He generally uses magic like Sunder to attack. Amon is more confident about himself, and is much more serious about being evil than Gades.

Erim - Mistress of Death

Erim is by far the most interesting of the Sinistrals. For one thing, if her brothers die, she can revive them. But she has helped out the good guys too. Is she really that Evil?

Daos - Master of Chaos

Daos is the Master of Chaos in The Fortress of Doom - but he swaps jobs with Amon in the other games. Terror is more his thing.

Daos doesn't fight you right until the end of the game, but because the Sinistrals fight you one-by-one rather than together, they can be picked off without too much trouble. The final battle is a nightmare though!

Guard Daos - Biological Freak

The image above was made by Cobes, from!

When the Sinistrals realise that they aren't strong enough to attack you one by one, they morph together. Although, they do it without Erim... and become this horribly mutated creature called Guard Daos.

Seriously, this dude is as tough as it is ugly. It confuses your team, so a lot of the damage you can receive is from yourself. He's worth defeating though, the ending is a real tear jerker. OK, there you have it. The four Sinistrals, and their super ugly combination form. Lufia wouldn't be the same without them.

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