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November 2004
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News and updates from November 2004.

  Tuesday, 30th November 2004

Fast Forum! - Comment!
19:05 GMT | Posted by Chris

It looks like our forum is using a new MySQL server... it is running at an incredible speed! Thank you GameSpy for solving the lagging that has been haunting it for the last few months!

  Saturday, 20th November 2004

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Comment!
20:20 GMT | Posted by Chris

I'm taking a short break from updating the old pages, to hopefully provide you all with a more interesting update. As many of you already know, Lufia World covers primarily the Lufia series... but we're now going to start covering other popular roleplaying games. I've been thinking about Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, and Zelda. To start off the "Other Games" section, I've added a few pages about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This is nowhere near finished... there will be more than three pages about the game when I'm done! I'm hoping that our future coverage on all these other RPG series will bring us some more visitors, and will help keep our great community alive! :D

Some other news... the merger with Billy Hatcher's Den has been cancelled. There are a few reasons for this... for more information, take a look at this thread.

  Thursday, 18th November 2004

The Legend Returns! - Comment!
21:20 GMT | Posted by Chris

OK, updating the old pages is taking quite a long time... I'm trying to do a good job! However, the Lufia: The Legend Returns section has now been fully updated and uses the new layout.

  Sunday, 14th November 2004

ForumPlanet - Comment!
17:25 GMT | Posted by Chris

As many of you will have probably noticed, our main forum is having a few problems. At certain times of the day, there is a lot of lag. Sometimes, it gives an IGN 404 error. I'm contacting GameSpy about all this strangeness... but as a backup, I have opened a second forum. That is, a ForumPlanet forum. ForumPlanet is the forum software that many GameSpy sites use (especially Planet sites). Therefore it rarely goes offline. As a backup forum, it will be useful to visit if you're having problems with the main forums. Although I've opened it, there are still a few design issues that need sorting. Anyway, here's its URL:

  Thursday, 11th November 2004

Working On Those Pages! - Comment!
22:50 GMT | Posted by Chris

Yup, I'm still converting Lufia World's pages into our new layout. As I said before, I'm hoping to get this done by the end of the week. Let me know about any errors, browser-specific problems, or anything that looks like it shouldn't be there. Cheers!

  Monday, 8th November 2004

E-mail OK - Comment!
16:40 GMT | Posted by Chris

Just a quick news post - seems to be working, so feel free to e-mail me again! Regarding the new layout, I'm hoping to have it on all of Lufia World's pages by the end of the week! :D

  Sunday, 7th November 2004

E-mail Problems - Comment!
17:55 GMT | Posted by Chris

It seems that my e-mail address is down. It's bouncing all e-mails sent to it. So, unfortunately (unless you know my private e-mail address), the only way to contact me is through a private message in the forum. I'll post when my e-mail address is working again.

I've started converting Lufia World's pages into this new layout. I'll be doing the games' pages last as they will take longer. Remember, no pages are broken - the pages that haven't been converted yet use the old layout.

  Saturday, 6th November 2004

New Layout! - Comment!
21:20 GMT | Posted by Chris

Regulars to Lufia World may have noticed that the site is looking quite different. Well, what you're looking at is Lufia World's new layout. When I designed it I took some inspiration from GameSpy's Planet sites... I want Lufia World to look more like part of the network.

Having said that, currently you can only see this new layout on this page. All the other pages on the site (at the moment) use the old layout. My next task is to convert the old pages into the new layout's standard. I'll post when all the pages have been updated. Thanks!

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