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Without warning, the island suddenly appeared in the sky.

Four foul and wicked beings claimed it for themselves.

The people were horrified. They called the evil ones 'Sinistrals'.

The reign of terror continued.

The world massed its warriors to battle their dark foes.

But the sinistrals were all powerful.

In desperation, the people called on their bravest fighters: 'Artea, Guy, Maxim and Selan'.

Now, YOU can take control!!

As the powerful hero Maxim, you enter the Fortress of Doom. Daos speaks with you, but remains hidden.

You then take Maxim through the fortress.

Before long, he meets the sinistrals.

The Sinistral of Destruction (Gades), challenges you first.

Then Amon, Sinistral of Terror challenges you.

Thirdly, the mysterious Erim (Sinistral of Death) challenges you.

Finally, the high sinistral Daos (master of chaos) attacks.

After you defeat the Sinistrals, they merge their energy together. Your party responds by merging their powers, and erupting them onto the Sinistrals (they die).

Unfortunately, Selan dies, because she gets hit too.

The fortress starts falling apart. Guy and Artea escape, but Maxim and Selan are trapped: they can't. The introduction ends at this point... and 90 years pass.

You now control 'a hero' whom you can name. The world is at peace; everyone is relaxed. A girl is introduced suddenly into the scene, with the name of 'Lufia'.

Nine years pass. You and Lufia are a lot older now. So is the peace. And peace NEVER lasts forever.

A rumour is suddenly passed around, that monsters attacked the neighbouring kingdom of Sheran.

When you investigate Sheran (it WAS attacked), you find out that Gades ordered the attack. But wasn't Gades (Sinistral of Destruction) destroyed by Maxim?

Welcome to the world of Lufia...

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