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The Dark Times of Alekia, by Phil P
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The Dark Times of Alekia
By: Phil P

It was dark times. Evil spirits rose from beneath and the battle for justice had started. Explosions and cries, torture and death. The battle for Alekia had just started.

An evil wizard, dressed in a black cloth rose from the ground, walking towards the once-happy place of alekia. He lifted his hand and whispered words, too softly too be heard. Fire set to the cottages and people dropped on to the floor soon after. Buildings collasped and trees set on fire.

Clashes of swords fighted for lives of millions of people and only one sword hidden somewhere in that town could repel the evil that walked in black cloth. Armies of orks and goblins marched towards alekia, 10,000 at least.

The sword was founded by a boy called Michael. He did not know this, but set off for battle. The battle for our planet had now begun.

The power of the Dual Blade killed many, and to the person who wielded it, Michael, became known as the Hero of Alekia. Everyone talks of him as their saviour. He is the one...

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