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Check out some Lufia and the Fortress of Doom screenshots!

Battle - Big Newt
Battle - Jellyfish
East of Treck
Boss - Goblins
Sailing to Lorbenia
Old Cave Entrance
Outside the Apprentice's Tower
Outside Kirof (village)
Medan Mountains
World Map
Sheran Caves - Danil
Sheran Caves - Level up screen
East Cave - Entrance
East Cave - Kobold Battle
Treck Caves (west)
Old Cave - 2nd Level
Kirof Cave - Battle - Flamespook
Kirof Cave - HP Pad
Kirof Cave - Battle - Willowisp
Kirof Cave - Invisible Bridge
Kirof Cave - Boss - Phantasm
Dais Key Cave - Battle - Killer Bee
Dais Cave - Waterfall
Appr. Tower - 1st Floor
Appr. Tower - Battle - Red Magi
Appr. Tower - Battle - Fight
Appr. Tower - Boss - Apprentice
Dais Tower - Boss - Follower
Blue Tower - Battle - Dark Elf
Priphea Fields
Town - Alekia
Lilah and Danil Re-unite
Village - Chatam
King's Castle - Switches
Gades' Introduction
Gades Battle
Town - Sheran
The Port
Old Man at the Port
Monsters Attack Party
Town - Treck
Guy's House
Lufia is Talked to Alone
Guy's House
Dress Shop
The Innkeeper
Town - Lorbenia
The Weapon Shop Menu
Town - Grenoble
In Reyna's Bedroom
Village - Kirof
The Church
The Hope Ruby
The King's Rumour
Town - Medan
Underground House
Village - Belgen
Jerin is Flown Away
The Dais
Jerin saying "Chris. Go East"
Lost Forest
Outside the Inn
Town - Jenoba
Ring Shop
Village - Ruan

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