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The Legend of Zelda: The End is Here, by David Sattgast
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"The Legend of Zelda: The End is Here", by David Sattgast

Chapter one. 2 years after.

It has been two after Link saved Clock Town from the destruction of the scare crow named Scull Kid that almost made the moon crash into Clock Town. Now that two years have past Link has been thinking of going back to Hyrule so today this is his last day in clock town. Thank you link for everything that you have done maylon said as she was crying up a storm. Link! Before you go we have a surprise for you come into the hotel. The owner of the hotel said. Ya! You are going to be Really Surprised!! One of the members of the bomber gang said. Come on in one of the towns people said. Ok! Link said anxious but exited to see what the surprise was. Link opened the door slowly and he saw presents a cake and a banner that said happy going away party Link where ever you are don’t forget about us. Link ran in the hotel very quickly and his face lit up like a candle on a birthday cake. Thanks every body! Link said very happy. Your welcome Link the town people said. Why are we standing here still as deku Trees lets get this party started! Some one said. And so they partied until 3:00 clock in the after noon. Good bye every body link said. Good bye link maylon said crying. Link then hopped on his horse Epona and stated to gallop away from the town that he had once saved from scull kid.

Maylon the little girl started chasing after link trying to catch up to him as hard as she could she could not catch up to him she than slowed down and bent over her knee caps and got into a hunching position and huffing and puffing really hard then she turned her head to look where Link was Link was no where in site he was gone!.

I hope Zelda is all right link said to him self. I don’t like trying to save Zelda that much I hope she is not in trouble. Then two hours later pasted and as link was getting into Hyrule field he saw stalfoses riding on stalfose like horses the salfose are every where Link thought to himself Some thing must be done. Link then got an idea He thought well I will go to he temple of light if he knows who is really doing this will be a good time to go to the temple of light and pull the master sword from the seal. It is a race against time he thought to himself as he rides Epona to the Temple Of Light. When link got to the temple he opened the door that sealed away the sacred Land that held the Triforce. Link then stepped up the stairs that led him to the Master Sword when he got almost got near it he saw the king of Hyrule and an old wise man that helped link in the past. Link the king of Hyrule said as he got up you are finally here we have been expecting you to come. Yes the old wise man said we have I have to tell you something something very important the old wise man said in a slow talking voice. If you have already have seen Hyrule is under attack by the vicious Ganon once again but he is even stronger then we expected Link the Master Sword alone wont work against this guy The Sword will feel to him If you try to stab him like a thorn in his back side. So what should I do? Link said confused. Well there is one thing it is a tail about a sword that use to exist in here of the land of Hyrule but wasn’t called Hyrule it was called the Ancient Land. There in the Ancient Land lived a king that lived peacefully but when a dark colored meteor hit into the land and threatened the Ancient people he call on his elders to create Sword and so they did with the power of the Trifore the Mistic Sword was created the king fought off the evil Dark Prince and sealed him away years after the sword remanded where it was put. But when a battle happened on the moon another kid named Link Helped Them Out but in the process he sacrificed himself when Zelda herd this she used a spell that connected his soul to the sword so he can be the keeper of it but she used the wrong spell the spell separated the swords power it showed the fire and ice sword the Mistic Sword remake and the sword of memory those are the sword you need to find the seal Ganon away. Now go Link the King of Hyrule said. Oh Link I almost forgot to tell you while you were gone Zelda missed you a lot she cried her self to sleep one night then one day she saw some one who looked just like you. She ran right out of the castle and when she got close enough she saw it was not you but it Shadow Link. Shadow Link grabbed her and galloped of in to the fog. So you mean that I have to find her. Link said very frustrated and pissed off. Yes! The king of Hyrule said also a little mad and frustrated. Now can I go? Link said. Yes you may the king of Hyrule said. As Link ran out of the Temple of light he was reunited by his old pal Navi and Saria. Hay Link! Saria Said coming up the stairs that leads into the Temple of Light. Hay Saria link said running down the stairs mid way as Saria was coming up and Link was coming down something happened link tripped on one step and came crashing down he then fell on Saira and then got up. Sorry they both said together. Oh that’s alright saria said. Feeling happy that Link is now back in Hyrule. Ahem Navi said trying to get Link to listen to her. Link it is nice to see you again Navi said. You to Link said to trying not to laugh at what happened just a minute ago. Ok Link so I herd what happened so we mast get going. But. But what? Navi said confused. But I don’t have a map! Link said feeling very upset. It ok link saria said trying to calm Link down. And that’s why I’m here Navi said. Well there are two reasons why I’m here but you already know the first one. Here you go Link! Saria said as she was handing Link the map to all temples and dungeons. Thank you Link said happy that he now got his map. Well what are you waiting for Link? Go already. Well are you coming Saria Link said wanting his childhood friend to come. No I can’t. Why? Link said feeling like his idea has been crushed. Because my dad is a Hyrulen night and I am trying to watch he so he doesn’t get killed also if I come with you I might get killed. Oh I understand Link said disappointed. Now Link get going or if you don’t Hyrule will be no more Saria said wanting Link to get rid of Ganon. OK! Link said anxious to hit the trail. Lets Go!. Navi said. As Link was walking away he started to look smaller in Saria’s eyes she then said sabing Good bye Link in a screeching voice. Good bye saria link said as he was hoping on his horse. See you in I think two years. As link stared galloping away a Stalfo started running after Link. Link Watch out saria said scared of what would happen.

To be continued...

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