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Lufia: Ruins Chaser

Welcome to the Lufia: Ruins Chaser section of Lufia World.

Lufia: Ruins Chaser was never actually released. It was under development for the Sony PlayStation. Progress was going well but the game's developers (Nihon-Flex) went bankrupt. Development on the game halted.

However, after a very long wait, development on the game continued again - but changes were made. Its name changed to Lufia: The Legend Returns, and it was to become an exclusive game for the GameBoy Color (with a totally different story).

This section of Lufia World aims to bring you as much information as possible about what Lufia: Ruins Chaser would've been like on the Sony PlayStation. Please visit the Lufia: The Legend Returns section for information about the released version of this game.


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What the story of Lufia: Ruins Chaser would've been like.

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