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Review, by Chris
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"Lufia: The Legend Returns" takes place 100 years after Lufia 1... but does it live up to the series?

First of all, I'm going to start off the review with what I think is the worst part about Lufia 3. RPG's are famous for great storylines, great characters, and great dungeons... Lufia 3 is missing one of these things. Great dungeons. Lufia 3 has randomly generated dungeons. This means they are very, very simple. Instead of having to look around designed buildings solving hard puzzles, you are running around corridors and square rooms avoiding monsters trying to find some stairs, on every level of the dungeon except the first and last levels. At first, I thought the dungeons were very clever. But, after doing loads of dungeons with at least 10 floors, that are all randomly generated, you get very bored.

Luckily, the dungeons are the only thing I don't like about Lufia 3. Everything else is great: everything else lives up to the Lufia series. The story is fantastic - you will never be able to stop playing, because the story becomes really powerful... especially at the end, when two plot twists are thrown at you.

The battle system is very unique. Never has arranging battle positions been so important! People at the front of the 3x3 grid do more damage, but receive more - people at the bottom do less damage, but receive less. Only 1 person from each column can attack each turn. Also, when you are teaching people moves, by arranging them in the grid in a good way, they can share powers which allow you to learn moves! This great battle system is what makes Lufia 3 hard!

As usual, there is a world map for this game. But it's a really good world map. Although there are random battles, everything is graphically brilliant (for the Game Boy Color which it is on anyway). It's also very big! There are four continents, and many little secret islands... including a famous flying one...

Graphics - 95%
Considering the limitations of the Game Boy Color, Neverland have done a fantastic job with the graphics.

Sounds - 95%
Guess what? Like all the other Lufia games, the music is superb. You'll never forget some of the tunes in it. The sound effects too, are very pleasing.

Gameplay - 80%
Hmmm... an excellent battle system... but random dungeons. If you loved Lufia 2's Ancient Cave, then this is the game for you! :o)

Story - 100%
At first glance, the story is very simple. It quickly develops - it will engross you! I loved the plot twists at the end too!

Lifespan - 80%
You might want to play it again, or you might not. There is an extra area in this game though - the ancient cave... this time, up to 200 levels! At the bottom, is an enemy that will take some skill to beat!

Overall - 85% (Not an average)
This game has such a brilliant story... it would be almost perfect were it not for those dungeons. I hope Neverland don't use random dungeons anymore! Having said that though, some people enjoy the random dungeons. Whether you do or don't, this game is worth getting.

Ranking in the Lufia series - 3rd
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (1st)
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (2nd)
Lufia: The Legend Returns (3rd)
Lufia: The Ruins of Lore (4th)

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