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Review, by Serenity
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Lufia: The Legend Returns is a definite heir to the Lufia series's throne. There are some annonying aspects in the game, but not enough to make it an unbearable experience.

Let's get the bad aspects of the game out of the way, shall we?

Firstly, the random dungeons are a stupid idea to add. In Lufia games past, you had to navigate through a dungeon with traps and puzzles everywhere.

With a randomly generated dungeon, you're basically running around, evading enemies to find a staircase, and maybe finding some items along the way.

The Ancient Cave, as neat as the final boss is, is just as annoying as the generated dungeons. Have a CD player with you, anything to listen to, before you take this cave on.....

The last bad aspect about Lufia, although very small, is that some of the characters (near the end, such as Ruby) don't play any real importance in the storyline.

Now that the bad aspects are out of the way, let's talk about how the game really shines.....

The storyline starts out innocently enough, and quickens up slowly, ending in 2 very suprising plot twists (the one w/ Erim really, really suprised me when I saw it). And it ends with the traditional Lufia ending. Althogh Lufia 2 takes the prize for the saddest story in all of the Lufia games).

It's also surprising how Natsume was able to integrate most of the characters into the storyline. Usually with many characters, you'll get a bad storyline. Not in this game.....

The battle engine is the best ones in the entire Lufia series, in my opinion. Easy to use, but very strategic for the RPG veteran.

The graphics and sound are very good, since the game was released on the Game Boy Color.

The map is also very nice. It dosen't show you the places until you go and visit them.

The side quests, noting the Dragon Eggs, really make you want to go and search in old haunts, which helps the replay value.

Graphics - 100%
Great job, since the game was released on the GBC.....

Sound - 100%
Like all Lufia games, great sound all around. There are some very catchy tunes packed in there.

Gameplay - 90%
Best battle system of all Lufia games, but those dungeons bring down the score.....

Storyline - 100% (110% if I could give it that.....)
VERY, VERY good storyline. Doesn't match Lufia 2's grand ending, but comes somewhat close. Ending sets the mood for a sequel.....

Lifespan- 90%
If you can get past the random dungeons, this game will make you want to play again and again.....

Final Score: 96%
I hope that those random dungeons aren't added in the next game (strictly my opinion). Maybe there wasn't enough memory to make indiviual dungeons, who knows? Without them, and some more character detail, this game could easily get a 100%.

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