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Review, by $pike
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In March 2002 Taito Released Estpolis Denki Yomigaeru Densetsu (Estpolis Technical revival of a Legend) in Japan. This title had a lot to live up.

First of all this title has a lot of text to scroll through. On the other side, this text is mostly senseless, but it makes fun seeing the well developed characters have their own ups and downs and fighting together for stupid reasons, like who is dumber... it also features randomised dungeons which is somewhat stupid...

For a GBC Game the graphics are fairly good. They are not to Zelda's level but somewhere below it. This game also makes advantage of the Dual Background system and has wonderful backgrounds, like all Lufia games. The characters are a bit colourless tough. Sadly, the size of the GBC screen doesn't allow the old Lufia bubbles, and so they changed to a text field.

Natsume really had a kick for music here. All the tunes are very good in composition and quality. We hear well known tunes like The Fortress Of Doom, Victory or Rest A While, and the new tunes are also fairly good (I love the Sinistral Battle Theme and The Tower Of Twilight).

This game is somewhat tougher than all the others, thanks to the random dungeons. OK I mean it's easy, each dungeon has 9 rooms in total and generally, the stairs are directly next to each another. But the bosses are tough if you don't level up. But it would be fine, if this damn text would be eaiser to skip. The riddles are way too easy, this game is more action based.

This is something I don't get. One day Seena seeks for Wain, but when she meets him she doesn't know what she wants from him. Nevertheless, they go to an adventure for nothing. Sounds stupid but makes sense if you hang around in a boring village all your life. The story develops with each second and soon you will really live with it, if you can stand all those stupid riddles.

All Around:
A fairly good game with some flaws. But it is a must for all Lufia fans. I recommend playing this game on a GBA for a better colour palette.

Graphics: 85%
Sound: 90%
Gameplay: 85%
Story: 80%
Total: 86% - Worthy of being a Lufia game. Somewhere below Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals.

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