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Review, by Emery Paquin
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When Lufia 3 was finally released, I knew I wanted it as soon as possible. Unfortunetly, because I live so far up north, the store here never got it and had no plans to. I had to ask my brother to buy it for me on eBay and he was nice enough to. When I finally got it, I was so excited... it was, after all, over a year later when it was released. Over the next month, I played it non-stop. When I had finally finished the game, I thought to myself, "Was it really worth the wait?"

I deciced it wasn't. Not 15 months for something like this. The only reason I kept playing was because it was a Lufia game. Anything else and I would have quit early. Let's break it down shall we?

Graphics: Personally, I didn't think they were anything special (with the exception of the battles). The colours were too bright and cheery and the character detail was not much to talk about. 60%

Sound: A treat for traditional Lufia fans is the Fortress of Doom music as the intro music. Everything else goes downhill from there. Annoying music and sound effects made me turn the volume down on my Game Boy which is something I usually never do. 30%

Gameplay: Loved the battle system. Nine characters at once is a little weird but over time, you come to accept it. I would have given this section a much higher grade if it weren't for the random dungeons everyone hates so much. 65%

Story: Acceptable but a bit simple. Four continents... four Sinistrals. Wow, I didn't see that coming (add some sarcastic tone). One thing about the ending: what happened to Dual Blade? Did Wain keep it or what? 75%

Lifespan: Don't bother with it unless you are a die-hard Lufia fan. Even then, you might still get bored. The Ancient Cave deserves special attention though. 200 levels is a lot and it creates more replay value than you think!! 75%

Average Score: 61%

I think the word "ick" sums up the entire game in general. I think it's a slap in the face to all the real Lufia fans out there. Neverland had better come up with something a lot better for Lufia 4.

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