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Lufia: The Legend Returns begins with the story of the First Doom Island War...

...and then the story of the Second Doom Island War, and Lufia (the actual character).

A "woman adventurer" sails to the village of Patos.

She is looking for a good swordsman. Upon entering Patos, she believes she's come to the wrong place.

The woman meets Wain, a local lad who protects the village from the Red Slimes! She tests his skills by attacking him with lightning, but Wain evades it.

Wain becomes angry at the woman for the attack, and storms out the village to attack some monsters.

When Wain gets back, some strange and evil things begin to happen in the Tower of Death.

Somebody from the Tower of Death destroys a girl's house (Lamika's house), for no clear reason.

Wain rushes into Lamika's burning house as she is still inside. He brings her out, but later collapses. The "woman adventurer" nurses him back to health with soup.

When Wain is better, the woman reveals her name - Seena. She tells Wain that she is going on an adventure to find fame and fortune, and asks him to come along (after seeing his bravery). Wain accepts the proposal, as he finds his life in Patos generally boring!

After becoming "pals", the pair head to the Tower of Death to investigate the attack on Patos. On the way, an old man (Ibla) offers to train Wain.

After training, they arrive at the Tower of Death.

They travel up three of the tower's randomly generated floors.

The pair meet Gades, the Sinistral of Destruction. The being who destroyed Lamika's house.

Wain becomes angry at Gades, and fights him unaware that he is a god.

Gades takes his time in the fight, but wins easily. Wain and Seena run away - they still want to defeat Gades later, but they need more characters in their team. Thus their journey begins.

This is only the beginning though. Gades is the weakest of the four Sinistrals. Four continents... four Sinistrals... and an amazing plot twist at the end. Good luck!

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