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Lufia: The Hero's Legacy: Chapter 1, by $pike
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Lufia - The Hero´s Legacy
Written by Thomas "$pike" Koessler aka. The Scorpion
Based on
Lufia - Rise of the Sinistrals, Ruins of Lore, The Fortress of Doom and The Legend returns


"Seena!!! Stop fooling aroudn with that Blob and get your sexy ass over here."

Wain calls for help in his battle agains the Nightmare. Seena smiles and throws a fireball towards the creature, wich gets paralyzed. Wain jumps and cuts off the Pumpkinhead of the Nightmare. Two years passed since the Sinistrals have been defeated. Wain and Seena live a happy live together.

They traveled to Eastland where the Fortress fell to watch things. But nothing really happened and so they lived their live wiht some battles against very cheap monsters. But deep below them, in a cave that had been forgotten for years sleeps the keeper of Spirit and Time.

The Holy Dragon, resting for the Day that he will be summoned by the Wish of the one who found the 8 Dragon Eggs.

Who should have known that this day arrives soon. Kanatosh, a mysterious young Scorceress already found 6 of 8 Eggs. Soon, she would have all 8 and summon the Eternal Dragon. And only she knows what she wishes for.

-=Lufia - The Hero´s Legacy=-
Chapter 1: Resurrection

The Sun goes down over the World of Estpolis. In the glare of the dawn, the four Continents Norhtland, Westland, Southland and Eastland look golden. The Triangle islands in Northland still remember the Battle of Maxim, Selan Guy and Artea against the Sinistrals. In Westland´s Elfrea the Elfes stand around the Grave of Artea the great, who lost his sight at Doom island. They Remember how Artea set out to fight among Maxim, how David, Aguro, Lufia and Jerin seeked to find the Dual blade. And in the depths of Sountlands Sea, Isaac Shaia searches for Fragements of Doom Island. Wain and Seena already went to bed in their new home in Eastland. In those days of piece and quiet one creature gathers the last Dragon Egg, and summons the Eternal Dragon.

The Dragon rises from his cave and grands the Creature the Wish he had. It was then when Idura rised from Hell to observe his new Master. And so, the first step in reusurrecting the Sinistrals bevore the 100 Year cycle was over took place.

Idura and his Master traveled to Westland. There, they opened the Tomb of Guy the great and stole his Bones.

Then they went to Elfrea and stole the Bones of Artea. In Auralio they stole the Bones of Aguro. Then they head for the triangle Islands to find Maxim´s mortal rests. It was then when a mysterious woman knocked on Wain´s door. Wain crawled out of his bed and pushed himself to the Door. he opened it...

"Are you Wain, defeater of the SInistrals?" the Woman asked.

"Yah smthng lke ths" Wain said tiredly. The Woman asked to come in and Wain showed her the Way to the Living Room.

He drank a cup of coffee to wake up and asked the Woman what she wants.

The Woman said:" I traveled a long way to find you. Dark forces are struggeling with the Bodies of long lost heroes and soon Estpolis will be plunged into Darkness".

"Cant they wait untill tomorrow im tired now" said Wain. "Fool" the woman screamed.

"Only i may call Wain a fool" Seena shouted to her. "And who are you anyway?" The Woman threw away her cape...

"I am Jerin. I fought with your Ancestors on Doom Island"...

To be continued... in chaper 2...

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