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Lufia: The Hero's Legacy: Chapter 2, by $pike
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-=Lufia - The Hero´s Legacy=-
Chapter 2: The Outset

"No... It cannot be..." Wain stuttered those words out like an afraid little Child.

"So you are Jerin" Seena said. "Wow. Tell me your anti-aging recepie..." she smiled.

Jerin looked at Seena sadly. She knew that Seena was posessed by Erim and that those wounds will never heal. But she also knew that Seena was strong and has the Power to live with those scattered feelings.

Thus, Jerin continued: "I traveled all the Way from Westland to you because im in the need of your Help. Dark forces are struggeling with this World. People tell from neverseen before Monsters and Lightning Balls above the Sky."

Seena suddenly stuttered shocked: "The Signs of the Apocalypse..."

Jerin looked at her, and was amazed how good Seena was informed. "Indeed. Like 300 Years ago, when the Sinistrals first appeared."

Wain, still tired argued: "But we dfeatd th Snistrls...."

"Fool" Seena said. "Maxim defeated the Sinistrals. David defeated the Sinistrals. And yet they returned. So why do you think we defeated them forever?" Seena asked angry...

Wain answered bored: "Maybe not forever but fort at least 100 years. And stop calling me a fool..."

Jerin stood up and said: "Its not so easy. The Sinistrals are connected to another. If only one of them survives, they can always be revived. And you have not killed all Sinistrals anyway..."

Seena and Wain were surprised. They fought Gades, Amon, Erim and Daos. Who is missing? "One Sinistral exists beyond Time. He is the Lord of all Evil. A creature named Arek."

Then Wain interrupted Jerin: "Arek, Sinistral of the Soul. Rumored to exist beyond Space and Time, he is the Master of all Sinistrals and creator of the Dual Blade. He also transformed Maxim´s Parents into Erim and Daos. This is why Erim managed to return as Lufia 100 Years ago. She has been revived in her old, Human form." (See my Lufia - The Orgins FanFic)

Jerin and Seena were amazed. How did Wain managed to know all those things? Wain smiled happily. Now he proved not to be a fool. After explaining that this Story was told from Father to Son in his Family, he continued.

"It´s Maxims Bloodline, and only our Bloodline, that is strong enough to weild the Dual Blade, and put an end to the Evil Sinistrals. Call it the Hero´s Legacy if you want."

After a short break, wich was used to realize what Wain just said, Seena, Jerin and Wain set out to find more about the things that happened recently. And so the journey begun...

To be continued...

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