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Several people have contributed to Lufia World in the past - thanks to all of you! If your name has been missed off, then please contact me.

Website: Forfeit Island
Contributions: Created several excellent Lufia MIDIs, and allowed me to host them on Lufia World. Many thanks!

$pike / Picc
Contributions: Has sent in several fan works, and has provided me with some new pages. Thanks!

Cindy Mack
Website: Golden Sun Realm
Contributions: She helped me out a lot when I first joined the GameSpy Network, and gave me lots of tips. Thanks for making me feel welcome Cindy, and thanks for all your help!

Jason Galambos
Contributions: Contributed some files and suggested ideas for the site. Thanks!

John Stewart
Website: Lufia - The Comic
Contributions: Was the first to be hosted by Lufia World, moderates the forum, and sent in a special comic. Cheers!

Philip P
Contributions: One of Lufia World's site critics. Thanks for your ideas!

Doc (Nevfangiel)
Website: The Artea Shrine
Contributions: Thank you Doc for your fantastic fan fiction!

Contributions: Thanks Kitt for sending in your fan art!

Thanks to everyone else who has contributed to Lufia World, and a big thanks to GameSpy. Despite certain problems with the dynamic server in the past, without being hosted by GameSpy, Lufia World wouldn't have grown as much as it has today. I'd also like to thank the readers of this site. Knowing this site gets used is a real motivator to add more content!

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