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Final Fantasy X-2

Welcome to the Final Fantasy X-2 section of Lufia World! Final Fantasy X-2 picks up the story two years after the end of Final Fantasy X. Now that the summoner Yuna has defeated Sin, the world is in an "Eternal Calm". The people have abandoned the teachings of Yevon, and machina is now used by many more. Yuna can no longer summon Aeons, so becomes a sphere hunter. She joins the Gullwings, along with Rikku and the newcomer Paine. You play through through the mission-based game using these three girls, hunting spheres, whilst looking for Tidus, Yuna's former guardian.

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- Release Information
Final Fantasy X-2 release information (release dates, genre, developer, etc.).

- Characters
Find out about the characters featured in Final Fantasy X-2.


- Box Art
Images of Final Fantasy X-2's boxes.


- Treasure and Crimson Spheres
Find the locations of the 22 treasure spheres in Final Fantasy X-2.

- Walkthroughs
Stuck in Final Fantasy X-2? Want a 100% completion rating? Help is on hand!


- Forum
Discuss the Final Fantasy games in this section of our message board.

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