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Review, by Caleb Hughes
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I am a big fan of the Lufia games, and when this game came out I HAD to get it. Lufia: The Legend Returns left me mildly disappointed, so I hoped this game would fill the hole. It did. I really like this game. I think it is a lot of fun. I have been reading reviews which, unfortunately, disagreed with me. The main problem I think a lot of people have with this game is that the Sinistrals are gone.

I miss them, but don't you think that maybe every once in a while there should be a new bad guy? A lot of people also think that the catching monsters thing is a rip off from Pokemon. Maybe it is, but their not forcing you to use them! This game has plenty of good things running for it. I LOVE the class changing. It lets you fully customize your characters. I think that, with the exception of Lufia 2, this game has some of the best puzzles in all of the Lufia series. While this game does have a few flaws, it is a game worth owning.

PS - I'm sure the Sinistrals will be back in Lufia 5!

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