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Review, by $pike
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In February 2002 Taito Released Estpolis Gaiden - Haikyo no Seijaku (Estpolis Side Story - Ruins of Silence) in Japan. This title had a lot to live up.

Since this game is entitled "Side Story", it has nothing to do with Sinistrals or Maxim´s bloodline. You take the role of Eldin. Eldin is a young boy living in Parcelyte with his friend Torma. His father was a friend of Jeros, Maxim's son. This game is placed 30 years after Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals.

The graphics are very good. All animations are smooth and made with love. The infamous Lufia speech bubble and the Lufia speech sound have returned, thanks to the bigger screen of the GBA. The backgrounds are detailed and filled with life. The sprites are nicely drawn and the overall graphics are very good.

The sound team is the only thing that has not changed throughout the years. The sound has many well known tunes (unfortunatly NO FORTRESS OF DOOM THEME, the fortress is not there anyway...) and some hammermusic in this title will blow you away. The music even knocks out my all-time favourite GBA sound: Castlevania - Circle of the Moon.

Now here comes a kick. The gameplay is very fast. The map screen is gone: this means you see the map, but you cannot walk on it. You only can choose points where to go next. This is not what we had in mind but it works. This game is a bit harder than Lufia: The Legend Returns, but we can live with that. Nothing is too hard though.

Now here comes the complete breakdown. I mean I have personally nothing against those old school "save someone stories", but this "save your father story" is totally boring. Besides this Illusion of Gaia like flaw the game doesn't even care to hold to that story. Most of the time you run around doing something senseless.

All Around:
A fairly good game with some flaws, but it is a must to all Lufia fans. If you don't like the game, I suggest you go with Golden Sun.

Graphics: 90%
Sound: 92%
Gameplay: 85%
Story: 45%

Total: 82% - Worthy of being a Lufia game, but not the best at all...

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