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Hunters' Adventures: Part One, by Midian
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One sunny day, Eldin wakes up.

"Whoa, it’s my Hunter’s Test today, I have to get my Hunter’s License". He looked at Torma, who was still sleeping. "Wake up idiot, we don’t have time to be late!" - Eldin smashed Torma out of his bed.

"Are you going to get your Hunter’s Licence?" asked Eldin’s mom. "You bet!" said Eldin - "I’m finally fourteen, and I’m going to get my license!"

Finally, Torma wakes up. He runs to Eldin and smashes he away and screams "Why did you wake me up for that!" "That’s enough you two!" said Eldin’s mom. "It’s time to go to Parcelyte Castle!"

So Eldin and Torma leave.

"Whoa, it’s the mayor", Torma said. "What have you done this time?"

"Erm.. er.. eh.. I crushed his flowers again, I’ll better take the back route man! See ya!"

So Eldin goes alone, without Torma.

"Isn’t that Eldin, May’s son? Where is Torma?" asked the mayor. "Did he crush my flowers again, that good-for-nothing-brat?"

After a long, long talk with the mayor, Eldin goes on.

End of Part One

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