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Click on the links below to see some Lufia: The Ruins of Lore screenshots.

Intro - 1
Intro - 2
Eldin Gets Up
Eldin Gets Some Clothes
Eldin Talks to the Mayor
Eldin Steals Some Money
The Inn
The Weapon Shop
The Item Shop
The Church
Buying Some Weapons
Outside Parcelyte Castle
Choosing Some Clothes
Hunter's License Mission Briefing
The Compendiums
Entrance to Lukie Cave
Parcelyte - Town
Beginning of Lukie Cave
Battle - Red Jelly and Newts
Battle - Torma Attacks
Battle - Reward Screen
Eldin Cuts Some Grass
Eldin Cuts Some Vines
Eldin Finds a Sharp Bone
Eldin Jumps off a Cliff
Torma Finds a Strange Hole
Lukie Cave

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