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1: Intro / Parcelyte
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Read this walkthrough from left to right. Screenshots have explanations below them, and can be clicked on to see the full images.

This section covers the main events from the beginning of the game, right through to the beginning of Lukie Cave.

Your adventure begins in the town of Parcelyte. The game kicks off with an intro - your character, Eldin, is nothing but a kid. The intro shows Eldin saying goodbye to his father, Rand, who is going on an adventure with a stranger.
Three years have passed, and Eldin's father has not yet returned. The mayor and another person have a discussion, and decide that Eldin's father probably won't be coming back. Eldin listens in to them saying this, and runs off upset.
Many more years pass. Eldin is now 14. He is old enough to try and get a Hunter's License. The Hunter's License test is being held in Parcelyte today! So before setting off to take it with his blonde friend Torma, they take a nap!
May, Eldin's mother, has a few words with Eldin. She is also kind enough to provide Eldin and Torma with their first bit of armour: "Clothes".
On leaving the house, Eldin and Torma bump into Parcelyte's mayor. He asks Eldin if he has messed up his Priphea Flowers again. Say "No". He asks "Are you sure?" - answer "Yes". At one stage or another you will have to pay the mayor some money. It's best to lie now and not pay the mayor yet, so you have more money to buy weapons for the first dungeon!
Be sure to look through Parcelyte's houses. If you press "A" whilst looking at a bookshelf or cabinet... you will normally find money, items, or something to read.
The picture above shows an Inn. They are found in many towns, and will restore your HP and AP if you stay the night. However, be prepared to pay a little gold!
The above is the outside of a Weapon Shop. Here, you can trade gold for weapons... or weapons for gold.
In an item shop like the one above, you can buy various items like potions and antidotes. They don't sell any equipment, but some of the items they sell can be used in a battle.
In a church like the one above, you can save the game for free. However, if you have some gold on you, you can pay the priest to heal various abnormal problems with your characters... for example, curses.
First of all, head to Parcelyte's weapon shop. Talk to the man at the counter by pressing "A" next to him. If you select "buy", you can purchase the weapons he sells. If you select "sell", you can sell your own weapons to him in return for gold. If you choose "equip", you can look through and buy his weapons, but at the same time see how it affects your characters' status. For now, just buy Eldin the best weapon possible... if you have any money left, buy him some better armour too. Don't forget to equip what you buy!
Head towards Parcelyte Castle which is towards the west end of Parcelyte. Enter the castle. Torma will be waiting for you.
After a brief cutscene, you are asked to choose some clothes. The clothes you pick for Eldin have no effect on his status.
One of the soldiers will then brief you on your task of getting a Hunter's License. You must go into Lukie Cave and read an inscription at the bottom of it.
After your mission briefing, you will be given some compendiums. These fill up with information as you go through the game. Check them out by pressing start, then by selecting "Options"!
After exploring the castle, head towards the corridor at the bottom right of the ground floor. It will take you through to Lukie Cave - your next destination.

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