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2: Dungeon Basics
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Read this walkthrough from left to right. Screenshots have explanations below them, and can be clicked on to see the full images.

This section covers the basic skills you need to survive in Lufia: The Ruins of Lore's Dungeons. All screenshots have been taken from Lukie Cave.

Before I show you how to beat Lukie Cave, I want to show you some of the most basic dungeon skills you will need! In dungeons, you walk around as you would in a town. Unlike other RPG games - you can see the monsters moving around too. They only move when you move, so you can avoid them, stand still without being attacked, or maybe try and surprise the enemy! If you make contact with a dungeon enemy, you fight it in the battle screen.
Battles are stat based. HP is your health: when your HP bar is empty, the respective character dies. The AP bar shows how many ability points you have left. Certain attacks use up AP - when the bar is empty, you can only use basic attacks! The IP bar shows how many Install Points you have. This bar increases as you take damage. When it is full, you can merge your character with a Disc Monster (when you get one later on). When a battle starts, you have three choices for your first character. Fight (sword icon), Swap Characters (arrows), and Run (shoe icon). If you run, that character tries to escape the battle on his turn. Swap character swaps the selected character with another (if you have more than four characters with you)... fight brings up a battle menu...
If you choose to fight, more options come up for the selected character. If you select the sword icon, you can do a basic physical attack on an enemy. If you select the bag icon, you can use one of your items. If you select the cane, you can use one of the selected character's magic spells. If you select the shield, your character will defend himself on his turn. If you select the exclamation mark, you can merge with your disc monster if your IP bar is full.
If you select the sword icon, you can choose which enemy to attack. Move the sword over the enemy you want that character to attack and confirm your selection.
Now select the plan of action for the rest of your characters!
After choosing how to act in the battle, you now get to watch what happens. The characters have different strengths and weaknesses in their status points. In this case, the character / monster with the highest speed points attacks first. You can influence your character's status by becoming an apprentice - something you can do later on in the game.
After you see a character attack one of the monsters, a number appears over the monster. This is how much of its HP you have removed. You can find out a monster's total HP by using the magic 'scan'... found later on in the game!
Once you have depleted the HP of all the monsters in a battle, you get your rewards! Experience points and gold! As your characters gain more experience points, they gain levels. When they gain levels, they become more powerful in that their status points get higher. Experience points are shared between your whole party. Please note that you don't get any experience points if you run away!
After the battle, you will return to the dungeon screen. The monster you fought will not be on the dungeon screen anymore. Each character has a character action that you can use in the dungeon screens. To swap characters, press the L Button. Use a character action by pressing B. Eldin can use his sword to cut grass (and maybe find hidden switches or items). Torma can use his hookshot to pull himself across certain chasms.
Not only can Eldin use his character action to cut grass, but he can cut vines with it... sometimes revealing hidden doors and treasure!
If Eldin cuts some grass in a dungeon, and you find an object under the grass, try picking it up with the A button. In this case, Eldin has found a 'Sharp Bone' (weapon) via cutting the grass!
If you see any cliffs in a dungeon with an arrow at the top of them, this means you can actually jump down the cliff from the top. Just align your character on the spot where the arrow is, and walk towards the cliff - your character should jump down automatically!
Remember to search strange looking objects like this one by pressing the A button next to it. Some objects need to be searched to solve puzzles and progress the game.
Sometimes, you need special keys or stones to unlock doors. They can be found if you press the start button, then go into the "Special" menu. Normally if you need to use a special item in a dungeon, it will be used automatically, so you won't need to go into this menu much.

Make sure you are familiar with all these dungeon basics, before progressing to the next section of the image walkthrough where I will be showing you how to beat Lukie Cave!

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