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One by one, three of the Sinistrals fly to Arek's castle as balls of light.

Shortly after, they leave.

A few seconds later, the missing Sinistral Erim flies to the castle and speaks with Arek.

Arek, the being above all others asks Erim who should rule - Sinistrals or humans?

Arek tells Erim that the time when the Dual Blade will decide the fate of the Sinistrals is coming.

Welcome to Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals!

Maxim and Tia - two friends living happily in the village of Elcid...

Guy, who lives with his sister...

Selan, a brave fighter from Parcelyte...

Dekar, the strongest man in the world?

Lexis Shaia - a genius inventor...

Artea and Milka...

Humans or Sinistrals... who will the Dual Blade choose?

You take control of Maxim, a local monster hunter of Elcid. Things aren't right - why are there more monsters, and why are they attacking humans?

And who is Iris, the girl that appears from nowhere and guides Maxim? What is the world coming to? All will be revealed...

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