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Welcome to the Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals chain story. You can add a chapter to this interactive story, simply by posting in this forum thread:

Chapter One, by Midian

On a cloudy day, there was a hunter called Maxim, from the town Elcid.
Maxim walked to Tia's house.

''Hey, are you home Tia?'' Maxim said. Tia walked to Maxim and said: ''Hello, Maxim, how was your day?''
''Not bad, got 6 Jellies.'' ''Okay, I'll get your money.''

''Hey Tia, that's only 120 coins, I need to get 180.'' ''Maxim....have you never thought about getting a REAL job, like a Shop owner?'' ''Ha, me?'' Maxim said. ''No way, I'm a hunter!''
Tia got angry and screamed: ''Here's your money!'' Tia walked away to her room.

Chapter Two, by Cyrus_Soulfire

Maxim then in shock decided to let Tia be for awhile.

He walked out wondering why the monsters have increased as of late, but no reasons could come to mind. Maxim Walked awhile to the west in his village when he stumbled upon an old man that told him that he could teach Maxim a few tricks.

"Son, I can teach you a few helpful tricks, just follow me to the cave in the south."

Shocked Maxim decided to follow this old man.

Chapter Three, by Phil

Maxim went into the cave and passed through many tests such as slaughtering enemies (slimes and things) and getting past very hard puzzles.

The old man says to Maxim "I will reward you on your intelligence and courage, Take this!"

The old man gave Maxim a long sword which was a good upgrade from a short sword.

Chapter Four, by Midian

Maxim has gotten a new spell too, Reset. Back in town, Maxim decided to make it up with Tia, who wan't mad anymore, and asked Maxim to join for dinner.

After dinnering, Maxim went outside, and some townspeople where talking.

''Hey, monsters stole the key to Sundleten. Nobody can enter anymore'', a old man said. ''This is terrible! What are we gonna do now?'', a young guy said.

Maxim walked to them, and said: ''Leave this to me!''

He walked to the Sundletan Cave.

Chapter Five, by Mikaou

In the Sundletan Cave he walked talked to the guy beside the door.

"A mysterious woman came this way," he said. "I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen."

"A strange woman?" Maxim asks. "Wonder who that could be?"

Maxim entered the cave further, and was suddenly confronted by a horrible Newt. Maxim slayed him and continued.

"Hmm, let's see, where must I go."

Maxim crosses the bridge over the small pond, and turns right, goes up through a door. He sees two pots and two switches.

"Mmm," what do we have here?" Maxim thinks. "I know, I'll just put these two pots on the switches." A door opens. "Cool!" Maxim goes through the door and opens a treasure there which contains a Life Potion.

"I should keep this back for later!" he decides.

Maxim walks back to the previous room.

Chapter Six, by Shadow

After finishing the easy puzzle Maxim made his way to the door, but before getting there he was confronted by a mushroom type creature. By both reaction and instinct he drew his long sword and made short work of the pathetic monster with one easy swipe of his weapon, then he noticed there were two of them and he quickly thrusted the long sword into the other mushroom with ease.

Chapter Seven, by Matthew

After the mushrooms were killed he decided to leave, he came out of the cave and set off to the city of Machennan.

Chapter Eight, by Hydecka

He then dodges through many set puzzles in this cave. This was a strange pattern the monsters showed. Maxim was smart enough to figure these puzzles out simply, as would any person. Soon finding his way past some murky water and deeper more secluded caves, he sees a dark staircase heading down. When he reaches the bottom, he Sees the lizard man, at the same time, the lizard man sees him.

"Hand over the key, It does no good for you!" Maxim Said.

"I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU THE KEY" said the lizard man as he jumped at Maxim.

The two scuffled back and forth. Maxim decided to use a trick, and drop the fake life potion, in hope that the lizard man would drink it, which he did.

While the lizard man was feeling the after-effect, maxim lunged foward and pierced through his neck.

Chapter Nine, by Iris

Maxim paused and shut his eyes in silent thought. Ideas, and varied reasons roared in the monster Hunter's head.

~"I dont get it... Why would the monster speak? They were never this smart to start.. Much less, why steal the key? What do they have to gain disrupting human life?"~

A Voice issued like silk down the halls as if in unspoken reply to his thoughts.

"Do you wish to know why Maxim...?"

Maxim craned his head up to see a woman with hair the color of jade.

"Who are.."

The woman paused in thought.

~"He is so much like father...yet.."~

Iris turned her mind out of its revelry and looked squarely at Maxim.

"Are you aware of the ball of light that flew this way seven days past..?"


"Would you believe that this light is responsible for all things that have occured... And are yet to come..?"


Maxim could scarcely hide his suprise.

"I cant believe that such a light would have such a power.."

Iris paused and continued.

"You may not believe.. but it is true. Now a ripple here.. Later a giant swell of a attack on humanity..."

Maxim paused briefly looking to his sword, as the winds of destiny rose like shimmering waves of light around him.

"Why are you telling me this...?"

And at that moment.. somewhere in the world.. a sword in a ancient shrine long forgotten.. glimmered in its own internal light and pulsed a resonating sound from its blade. It would soon all begin.

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