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The trials of the past few days were nothing compared to the insanity that ran rampant at the Giant Palace. All four children from the human world had fought their way to this single moment; the final confrontation with Dark Raven. Watching them from high above, Menie-Funie, the God of the Chickens, silently took pride in the little flock. There was Bantam Scrambled, the gentle giant of a boy who kept one hand on his partner, Cipher, a flying rhino with fire power, and the other on Chick to keep him still.

Chick Poacher, small but spirited, was eager to continue the fight. The goggles that usually sat on his head were now on his face. He growled fiercely, sounding more like an angry puppy than anything near intimidating. Chick's weapon of choice sat nearby, a yellow striped egg that had the potential to hatch into Recky, a flying monkey with electric attacks.

Then there was Rolly Roll, the only girl in the group. She loved everything and everyone, was there for a person when they needed her and never failed to forget at least one thing. She put a gloved hand to her face as her bright eyes went wide, her mouth forming a cute 'o' of surprise. She had forgotten something again. Her weapon of choice was a cute pink striped egg that was grown quite large and ready to hatch into Runny, a half bear, half turtle that had a devastating slam attack.

Finally, there was the appointed leader of the band of heroes, a boy by the name of Billy Hatcher. Inquisitive, always asking questions, seeking answers, it was by a silent vote from the other children that Billy be leader again. He had always led them before in games and adventures; this was no different. After all, it was Billy that had attacked the crows chasing the baby chick into their world. It was Billy that was chosen to wear the master Rooster Suit from which the others drew power from; their suits, though different to suit each one's style, needed to draw energy from the master suit to protect Billy's friends.

And it was Billy who had to face Dark Raven.

“Why?” he had asked, soft in voice but still demanding. Billy was usually energetic, and his voice reflected it, tumbling words from his mouth in a breathtaking rush until he calmed and realized that no one had understood him. He was that way through the whole adventure, but suddenly changed in tone after returning from his battle with Dark Corvo, covered in black feathers and crimson, most of the liquid had been his own, and near exhaustion. Rolly had screamed and fled from the sight while Chick watched in sick fascination. Bantam kept his cool and rushed in to help out.

Now, no one could answer Billy's question, but he sighed and shrugged, the bright red comb on the white cowl of his suit bobbing as he did so. He had already accepted the job, same as how he had accepted the others; already the mischievous grin was spreading across his face.

“This'll be about as fun as Corvo was.” he had snickered and ran forward to the gate, wings spread from his back, an item he had hatched from an egg. It allowed him an extra mid air jump and was often seen with it during many of his missions.

“Be careful out there, Billy!” Rolly had called out to him.

“We'll finish things up out here, Billy, so hurry back!” Chick yelled and rushed off with his egg.

“Come back in one piece this time, Billy! I'm out of Band-Aids!” Bantam had hollered out, then followed Chick to keep him covered. Billy had waved back at Rolly as he vanished into the gate.

“I'll be back in no time! I haven't let you guys down before, right?!” he called back, then disappeared. Rolly had stayed behind a bit longer, looking up at the floating platform near the Giant Egg where the Gate had taken Billy. She continued to worry for her friend, even as she took her egg and used it on a bridge to return to another part of the palace.

It had been the last time any of the children had seen young Billy Hatcher.

That had been four years ago. The Giant Egg disappeared shortly after Billy went up to face Dark Raven. Daylight never came to the Palace. Billy Hatcher never returned from the battlefield, whether he was victorious or not. And because of this, the children had refused to leave Morning Land until they could find him and save the land. Even if they wanted to leave, they couldn't. The disappearance of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg meant dawn would not return to their world. So their own world was consumed by evil and deemed unsafe for Rolly, Chick and Bantam.

Thus, they remained, fighting crows and searching for a way to return to Giant Palace. The Rooster Suits they wore had weakened slightly the day Billy left for his final battle, but they still drew power and with it was the hope that he was still alive. The questions were where was he and why couldn't he come back to them?

Four years later......

The sound of crowing and the bright splash of sunlight on the wall woke the three remaining heroes one fine day. Bantam groaned and yanked his blanket up.

“Not to be mean or anything, but I'm starting to wonder if I can find a deep fat fryer big enough to hold Oma-Oma.” he grumbled as Chick sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“What's today? Friday?” he grumbled as well, “Should I bother keeping track of days anymore?”

“If you don't, I will.” Bantam offered, kicking the blanket off and reaching for the brown cowl and red bandanna that was part of his Rooster Suit. “Today's Corn Day, tomorrow's Bean Day, then it's Pea Day, then Carrot Day....”

“Raaaaaargh!” Chick finally screamed in irritation, his hands over his ears, “With you, it's all about food! Quiet!” The door to their room opened and a chicken walked in with a tray of food.

“Good morning, boys! Here's breakfast!” she exclaimed brightly and set it on a tree stump that served as a table, “Corn mush and apple cider! Eat up!” She clucked happily, then left. Bantam barely opened his mouth when Chick jumped on his bed and stared him in the eyes.

“It is Friday and don't you forget it!” he growled threateningly.

After dressing and eating, they headed into the main room and waited somewhat impatiently. Since Billy wasn't around, Rolly took command. Still forgetful of at least one thing, she either took charge of a situation by sheer force or by sweet-talking the boys into doing what she wanted. She entered the room finally, decked in her pink Rooster outfit. Smiling brightly at her friends, Rolly rubbed her hands together.

“Ready to search Sand Ruin for another entrance to the palace, guys?” she asked cheerfully. The boys groaned.

“Rolly, we've been scouring every part of Morning Land for a back door for years!” Chick protested, “There's nothing! The only path is the Rainbow Gate that Billy opened and that's been sealed palace-side by Dark Raven!”

“Chick's right, Rolly.” Bantam sighed, “As much as I'd hate to admit it, Billy's not coming back. We're better off just maintaining the lands he freed.” Rolly pouted and put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot on the floor.

“Billy's not dead!” she snapped and looked sorrowful, “He's just stuck somewhere and we have to find him and rescue him.”

“So then, what do we do?” Chick asked quietly. Rolly was about to answer when Oma-Oma came rushing into the little house, feathers ruffled from panic.

“Rolly, Chick, Bantam!” he clucked and crowed frantically, “Sand Ruin has been conquered by the crows and Meri-Meri captured again!” The children stared at him in shock. “You've got to go and rescue him!”

“Let's go, guys! Maybe we can figure out why Dark Raven's acting up again and find Billy!” Rolly declared and raced out, “Let's hatch a Cipher and ask for a ride from King Cipher!” The boys jumped and raced after her as the Elder tried to calm himself down.


Meri-Meri sighed from within his cage as the crows patrolled Sand Ruins. The cage, though not a golden egg, reminded him of it. It was round mesh, incredibly strong, and it first appeared as an egg-shaped ball no larger than the length of his leg. He had seen it fly at him from the shadows and encase him once it made contact with his chest.

“Oh bother.” he sighed again, “How in the world did this happen again?” A shadow fell across him and he looked up to see a figure stand before him. Meri-Meri gulped as Dark Raven smiled coldly at him.

“Well, well. Fancy seeing you in such a confined space.” he murmured, “Comfortable? No? Good.”

“What do you want? If you're looking for the Giant Egg, it's not here!” Meri-Meri snapped, “And I'd like to get out of this confounded contraption, thank you!”

“I'll find it soon enough.” the dark King replied coolly, not bothering to register the other statement, “I'm just reclaiming all that the Hatcher boy stole from me.” He smiled. “And you'll have to forgive me, but I'll have to keep you out of the way whilst I send my finest soldier to pave the way for my armies. I can't have you warning the other lands, you see.”

“Well, you're too late! Word is already being sent!” Meri-Meri declared as a sphere sailed through the air and landed before him. Dark Raven looked down at it and chuckled. Meri-Meri stared in disbelief at the Rabbish sealed in the cage-like egg similar to his own. The white half-rabbit, half-hawk creature looked slightly dazed and confused.

“Was that your messenger? It seems as if it was within my soldier's range.” Dark Raven remarked and began to walk away, hands behind his back in a relaxed pose. “And to think I once wanted him dead.” he added almost as an afterthought.


King Cipher touched down gently behind a few pillars and let the children down. Each one grabbed an egg and made their way out to see what they were up against.

“Okay. There's Meri-Meri over there.” Rolly whispered, spotting the Elder in front of the door to the Rainbow Gate. “There aren't very many crows around. Think you guys can handle them while I go for the Elder?”

“No problem! Me and Bantam can mow 'em down!” Chick replied with a grin, bringing down his goggles. Rolly smiled at him, then looked out at the crowd again, holding three fingers up. She counted down, then brought her arm down, unleashing the boys on the crows.

“Yeah!” Bantam yelled as he and Chick ran down crow after transformed crow with their eggs. Rolly followed close behind as they made their way to the Elder. Crows scattered everywhere as they ran on. T-rex-like Gaters; round, violet Grays; and green, snake-like Gellys were taken by surprise, exploding in bursts of black light and feathers as the boys ran on, whooping and yelling to call attention to themselves and confuse the army.

"Hang on, Meri-Meri! We're coming!" Rolly called out. They seemed to be making good time, and the crow army was thoroughly confused, leaving the way to the Chicken Elder practically open to them.

The situation changed suddenly with the appearance of a strange metal egg. It was far smaller than the ones the three heroes were maneuvering, smaller than the eggs that were often found on the nests scattered about the lands. This unusual egg shot in from nowhere and smacked into Rolly's egg from an angle, forcing it to shoot from her hands. She cried in surprise and shock as it then hit Bantam's egg and ricocheted them both into walls that shattered them. The mystery egg proceeded to rebound into Chick, knocking him aside as it vanished into the darkness of a nearby alley.

"What was that?!" Chick yelled in a fury as he jumped to his feet, "Look what it did!"

"Chick! Are you okay?!" Rolly called, helping Bantam check himself for injuries, then giving herself a quick once-over. Chick rubbed his head and looked around him at the mess of egg white and yolk splattered all over.

"Yeah! But we need new eggs! That one broke all of ours!" he yelled, then jumped and ran from a group of Batters that bounced and hopped after him, their wings and large ears almost comical as they gave chase. Rolly and Bantam followed after, making a beeline for a nearby nest. "There's one!"

Again, the metal egg shot out and smashed into it as they reached it, destroying the last available weapon before returning to the shadows. Rolly put her hands to her cheeks and wailed, things were falling apart so quickly, she couldn't even begin to figure out a new strategy! She wished Billy was there; he would make something up on the fly and, a wink and 'Trust me' later, everything would be all right.

"Who's doing that?!" Bantam growled, seeking out the origin of the metal egg. Something moved in the shadows, far too quickly for him to catch a clear glimpse of it. He lumbered forward, clenching hands into fists in preparation for the beating he was going to give the little pest.

"Run, children! You can't stop this new monstrosity of Dark Raven's!" Meri-Meri cried from within his prison, "Warn the other lands! Get out of here! Hurry!"

"Wait!" Rolly cried back as King Cipher was whistled in and swooped to the rescue, "Meri-Meri! Have you seen any signs of Billy Hatcher?!"

"If I did, I wouldn't be in this bothersome cage!" the Elder griped, "Now get out of here!" Chick kicked aside a Batter, spinning from the force of his own attack, before running up to climb onto the flying rhino/phoenix hybrid. Bantam lifted Rolly onto the creature's back, turned and slugged one of the bats for good measure, then climbed on himself. With several powerful flaps, King Cipher fled the land, leaving the children to listen to the caws of triumph from the crows still on the ground.

"What are we going to do now?!" Rolly sobbed, "Dark Raven's got an egg that shatter the ones we use! If we can't use our eggs to fight them, how can we find and rescue Billy?!"

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