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Falling back to Circus Park, the heroes took time to recover from the loss and discuss what they had seen and learned. Roosters and hens, as well as many baby chicks, gathered around to listen to them and offer comforts.

"What kind of egg was that? I've never seen anything like it before. Not even with our Iron Combs protecting our eggs when we have it." Bantam wondered aloud.

"It was black metal and had the Crescent Crow on it, the symbol of Dark Raven and his army." Chick muttered, "I saw it when it hit me."

"I can't believe we got beat by a half-sized egg!" Rolly wailed, "I bet we would have won if Billy was here, but he's not! We gotta find him and the Giant Egg, quick!" The chickens murmured worriedly among themselves, then squawked collectively as a battered Chillen dropped into the crowd from above. Rolly looked up as Chick and Bantam rushed to its side.

A single crow circled overhead, laughing, then flew away, the echoes of its laughter still ringing in the ears of the crowd below. The penguin chirped weakly and Allani bent to listen carefully and translate the chirping.

"Pirates Island is falling." he reported, brows furrowed as he worked with the broken speech. "The crows.... Dark Raven.... Destruction... and...." He looked up suddenly, face turning almost pink and purple. "Billy!" The teens looked at each other in shock.

"Billy?! Billy Hatcher?! Is he there?! What's happening?!" Rolly cried desperately, looking down at the Chillen. It coughed and closed its eyes, peeping softly.

"Uri-Uri was captured.... Can't hold... the islands... much longer...." the Elder continued translating, "Billy... is...." The penguin fell limp suddenly and Rolly raced for King Cipher as Allani yelped and picked up the penguin.

"I told you he was in trouble! C'mon!" she shouted over her shoulder, "We gotta get to Pirates Island and help him!" Chick and Bantam jumped and chased after her, scattering chickens everywhere as they barreled onwards.

"Wait up!" they cried, "We want to find Billy, too! Don't start without us! Rollyyyy!"


Dark Raven stood beside the trapped Uri-Uri, Elder of Pirates Island, and watched the panicked chickens race around in hysterics. Crows swooped in from above, crowded around from the ground, and generally caused all the mayhem they wanted, now that the biggest threat to their numbers was neutralized.

"I can't believe it." the Elder whispered, "How? Why?"

"He realized whose power was greater." Dark Raven remarked as he watched the metal egg zip back and forth, ricocheting here and there, leaving destruction in its wake. Uri-Uri glared at the King of Crows from within his mesh cage.

"I don't believe you! You did something to him!" he squawked in a rage, "You undo that evilness right now!"

"And spoil his fun? I wouldn't dream of it!" Dark Raven laughed as a small figure ran up to him and bowed respectfully.

"My Lord, Pirates Island will soon be yours, but there have been sightings of the heroes of Morning Land on the far shore." it reported. "What are your orders?"

"Do as you feel. Have fun, my boy!" the Evil King laughed, looking proudly at the figure.

"Why are you doing this?! Don't listen to him!" Uri-Uri yelled at the soldier, who only smiled cruelly at him.

"Why should I stop? I like doing this to you pathetic chickens!" the cold answer shocked the Elder.

"Dark Raven, what have you done?" he murmured, eyes wide. The Crow King looked at him and smiled. Sweeping his arm aside, he laid a hand on the figure's head and recited some dark incantation under his breath. The figure responded by looking at the Elder sleepily.

"Help me.... Please...." a wavering voice tumbled the words from its mouth, sounding hopeless and desperate for freedom. Dark Raven removed his hand and snapped another incantation. The figure jumped to attention again, any trace of emotion wiped from its face.

"My magic holds his mind. He is mine now." the King of Crows replied in amusement, "I'd love to tell you how it happened, but that is enough banter for today. I'm off to oversee the conquest of Dino Mountain." He turned to his finest soldier, "Do something dreadfully painful to the heroes of Morning Land. Let them see you, if you like. It will strike greater fear in them than an anonymous attack."

"As you command!" it answered and raced off, the metal egg following of its own free will. With that, Dark Raven took to the sky, booming laughter trailing behind him as he vanished in a burst of black feathers and violet magical energy.


Rolly, Chick, and Bantam raced across the beach towards the decks and bridges of Pirates Island, running down Gellys, Grays and the frog-like Ribbims as they traveled. They kept their eyes open for the trapped Elder and, more importantly, for any signs of their missing friend.

"Yaaaah!" Chick yelled out, dashing into a crowd of Anters and scattering them about with rebounding shots. "They can't touch us now! Get lost, crows! You just got owned, courtesy of Chick Poacher!"

"Watch your back, Chick! That metal egg could be here, too!" Bantam warned as Rolly headed up a ramp on her way to where she spotted the mesh egg. No sooner had he finished than the egg he spoke of shot in and slammed into Chick, destroying the egg and sending the boy flying. "Chick! Rolly, keep going and rescue Uri-Uri! I'll deal with this egg!"

"Right! Be careful and don't forget to look for Billy!" the girl replied and disappeared into a cannon, shooting herself into the distance towards the cage.

"That thing hates me or something!!" Chick fumed as he picked himself out of the water and shook himself off, "What did I ever do to you, you runaway robot omelette?!" The egg returned to the shadows, then sped out again, heading straight for Bantam.

"Not this time!" Bantam shouted and dashed out of its line of fire. The metal egg disappeared into the darkness once more, but didn't make another attempt at them. "Hey! I think it gave up on us!"

"Good! Now let's get outta here and help Rolly!" Chick replied and started searching for a fresh egg. Bantam nodded and began to run off when a hauntingly familiar figure burst onto the scene, leaping out from behind a beached ship and circling the two boys. "No way!" Chick cried once he blinked and made sure he wasn't seeing things. He cheered and pumped his fists into the air, "Awwwwriiiiight, Billy! You're back!"

Racing around to catch up to Bantam was Billy Hatcher, lost for four years and now back in the fray, focused intently on the heavier boy. Moving much faster than he usually did, Billy pulled alongside Bantam, kicking a soccer ball of some kind as he did. The other hero noticed him at last and smiled in joy.

"Billy! You're alive! Great to see you! Where have you been all this time?!" he cried as he rolled his egg along at a good pace. Chick grabbed a fresh egg and dashed to catch up, bright and happy with the discovery. Billy grinned, blue eyes shining with a strangely feral light.

"Around. You know me, always running somewhere!" he replied laughingly, "Bantam! Do me a favor and stop for a bit, okay, pal?!" Bantam dug in his heels and pulled back on the egg, coming to a halt as it screeched.

"Sure thing, Billy! What did you need me to stop for?" he asked as the leader of their group turned abruptly and set one foot on his 'ball'. His smile grew wider, creating the well known look of mischief on his face.

"Not much. Just this!" he answered and suddenly kicked the metal egg at Bantam, shattering the violet-striped Richie Egg and hurling the boy backwards. "Goooaaaal!" Billy laughed as the egg returned. Flashing them a victory sign, he turned and ran off, kicking the egg along in front of him. Chick watched in a stunned silence as the former hero of the chickens sped away, expertly moving the Crescent Crow Egg with his feet.

"I don't believe it." he whispered while Bantam got to his feet painfully, "Billy Hatcher's turned traitor! He's fighting for the Crescent Crow Army!"

Rolly came up to Uri-Uri and set her egg aside, then set to work on figuring out how to free him.

"Okay. How to get you out of this thing. Hmmm." she murmured and cried out as she was knocked away from the cage. Uri-Uri yelped and huddled in the cage, covering his head with his wings. "Ooowww!" Rolly moaned as she sat up and held her injured arm, "What hit me?"

"The Crescent Crow Egg. Custom made just for my personal use against the Heroes of Morning Land." Billy Hatcher remarked, putting a foot forward to halt the egg as it shot back to him. Rolly stared at him, speechless. "Long time, no see, Rolly Roll. What's wrong? No squeal of joy or scolding that I'm late again?" Billy went on, acting surprised. He placed a hand over his heart. "Rolly, I'm hurt. I expected some kind of reaction from you." he added, a feigned look of injury forming on his face.

"You're back." she said simply, still not sure if she could believe her eyes. Pain forgotten, Rolly stood and walked up to him, hand out as if afraid to touch him, lest he vanish as he always had in her dreams. "After so long, so much time searching and hoping, you've come back." she murmured. Billy smiled and reached out, twining his fingers into her own and holding her hand.

"Yes." he murmured softly and the smile suddenly turned twisted, the feral light in his eyes that had begun to fade now resurfacing brighter than before. "And no. Actually I'm here to destroy the dawn in the name of Dark Raven!" He jerked her arm aside, grabbed it firmly as she screamed in horror, then spun, throwing her into a wall as he laughed. "And to kill all of you! As the General of the Crescent Crow Army, it will be my pleasure to ensure your lives end by my hands!" he declared.

Rolly struggled to get up and fled from the awful sight and sounds of Billy laughing insanely as he kicked the Crescent Crow Egg into her egg, splattering its innards across the beach. "Run, run, you pathetic chicken girl! I'll kill you last and make you watch your friends die before your eyes!" the former hero shrieked and spun crazily in the mess left behind.


The residents of Forest Village sat around the bonfire in the center of town, sullen and disheartened. Oma-Oma watched the downcast faces of Chick and Bantam as they gazed into the flames. He sighed, clucked softly, and shook his head. After hearing the whole story from the three heroes and watching Rolly run off to the house in tears, he could understand the dreary mood that covered the village.

"Dark Raven is very powerful, and grows even stronger with each land Billy conquers in his name." he stated.

"Yeah. Rolly's still bawling her eyes out in her room, but she's recovering from the hits." Bantam muttered. "I've got a couple of bruises, but I'll live too."

"That back-stabbing, two-timing, no good...!" Chick leaped up in a fit and sputtered. His mouth opened and closed wordlessly and finally he sat down hard, fury spent trying to find more spiteful words. "He hurt Rolly. I'll never forgive him for that." he finally managed to say. Oma-Oma merely thought carefully.

"Bantam, you said you noticed something odd about Billy, correct?" he asked slowly. The boy nodded.

"His eyes. They seemed to glow. They never did that before." he replied, resting his cheek on one fist.

"Magic. Billy has been put under Dark Raven's magic. It's the only way he could ever get control of him." the Elder concluded, sitting back, "The question is when and how it happened."

"It must have been during that fight near the Giant Egg four years ago." Bantam sighed, "He hadn't been strong enough to face the magic Dark Raven was using. I knew he should have done some more training before going up there!"

"Perhaps. So here is our situation." Oma-Oma began, "Four years ago, Billy went to face Dark Raven and somehow fell victim to his power and was enslaved to his will. The Giant Egg vanished and we were cast out from Giant Palace. Now, Dark Raven is reclaiming Morning Land using Billy's power to stop us from defending. What do we do?"

"We get him back. We'll try every trick, use every egg, every power." Bantam growled, glaring into the fire, "Even if we have to try for years, we'll get Billy back."

"What if you beat Dark Raven? Won't that break the spell on Billy?" one baby chick volunteered as Rolly made her way out of the house, arms bandaged, and walked to join the group. Oma-Oma shook his head.

"It will be a loop. To free Billy, defeat Dark Raven; only Billy can defeat him. There's no way of doing it." the Elder told the chick.

"Forget him then!" Chick snapped and stood up, kicking a stick into the fire, "Meh! We don't need Billy! What makes him so special?! Any one of us can take on Dark Raven! All we need is the master Rooster Suit!"

"If you take the suit from him now, Billy will never be free of Dark Raven and he will eventually die!" Oma-Oma told him sternly, "The world we live in is far different from yours and the suits are all that keep you safe from its dangers!" Chick glared at him, then stomped away. Rolly watched him leave, then sighed and sat down on a log. She thought carefully as a hen brought a few ears of corn and set them beside her. Finally she spoke.

"We'll find a way to catch Billy, get him back on our side, find out what happened and fry Dark Raven for good." she said simply. Bantam picked up an ear of corn, shoved it in the crook of a pronged stick and stuck in in the flames.

"Rolly, it's not going to be that easy." he remarked as the corn was roasted, "Thanks to Dark Raven, Billy has grown stronger and more nuts. We used to know how he thinks. Now...." Bantam shrugged and pulled out the corn, blowing on it. "He's going to be tough to beat, if we can do it at all." he pointed out and then wagged the roasted ear at her, "And I've seen you doodling hearts in your diary! Don't get mushy over Billy! He's not the dude we know and love anymore."

"Stay out of my diary!" Rolly yelled, turning pinker than her Rooster Suit, "And who said anything about me having a crush on Billy?! He's my friend as well as yours! I know all about the changes! I've felt them first hand!"

"Are you gonna eat that?" Bantam asked suddenly, pointing at the corn next to her. Rolly stood up and scowled.

"Bantam Scrambled!" she declared in a loud voice and the boy winced. He knew what that voice meant; Rolly was about to get her leadership role on, "How can you think of food when Billy's out there being controlled by that evil King?!"

"You have a plan on how to get him back? 'Cause I don't." Bantam replied and bit into his roasted corn, hoping his hunch was wrong.

"Tomorrow, we will go to Pirates Island and find him." Rolly said harshly, ignoring the surprised look on Bantam's face, "We'll have to capture him somehow and turn him back into the Billy we know!"

"Good luck." the boy muttered between mouthfuls of corn. So much for his wishful hoping.

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