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Welcome to our collection of characters made with the fantastic Sonic Character Designer. If you create a character of your own, be sure to post it in this forum thread.

Title: Aquanier1
By: PaulPool
Size: 64.2KB
Title: Billy Hatcher
By: Chaos Chao
Size: 55.8KB
Title: Dark Sonic
By: PaulPool
Size: 51.5KB
Title: Lertte
By: PaulPool
Size: 59.3KB
Title: Mod Beast
By: PaulPool
Size: 64.6KB
Title: Old Man Tails
By: Phil
Size: 32.7KB
Title: Rettu
By: PaulPool
Size: 37.9KB
Title: Shadow
By: Phil
Size: 18.9KB
Title: Sonic
By: PaulPool
Size: 56.8KB

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