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Find some of the game's secrets much more easily using these cheats...

  • Unlockable: Super Hard Difficulty
    Finish the game with all 141 emblems, and all A ratings.

  • Unlockable: Last Story
    Find all of the seven Chaos Emeralds, and complete all of the stories.

  • Unlockable: Theme Songs
    Unlock new theme songs after completing the teams' story modes. Unlock "What I'm Made Of" by finishing Last Story.

  • Unlockable: New 2-Player Modes
    2P Action Race: Already unlocked at the start.
    2P Bobsled Race: Find 80 emblems.
    2P Expert Race: Find 120 emblems.
    2P Quick Race: Find 100 emblems.
    2P Ring Race: Find 60 emblems.
    2P Special Stage: Find 40 emblems.
    2P Team Battle: Find 20 emblems.

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