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Postby Rezic » Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:29 pm

Lol, I'm still here. I'm waiting for the next post of Advent Shadows. For any new guys, there's a brief summary of the first thread so you can join in with less reading to the second thread. I'll probably be gone for a week though, Going to Texas for a while, although when I get back my musical donation to the Lufia World shall hopefully increase as I will be purchasing a fancy new keyboard =D.

We love new posters on Advent Shadows, now is a good time to join, as perhaps a villager in peril with a little more to him/her than it seems...perhaps? I dunno, but check it out.

as Peanut says "DO IT!!! ...dooooo iiiiiiiiiiit" =P until next time friends.

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