Lapping my CPU

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Lapping my CPU

Postby bruceduhamel » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:17 am

I wrote a review on this so everyone can check out the performance I gained from this little project, but this is about what happened throughout the process.

I started out good the CPU was starting to show through it copper heatsink and I was happy everything was working, until I decided to clean the thermal paste off of my CPU retention bracket on the motherboard. And as you probably know with socket 775 the pins are on the motherboards, well lucky me caught one of the pins with the coffee filter I was using to clean the thermal paste off with and bent it.

Long story short the computer wouldn't post, I took everything completely apart(motherboard out of the case) tried to bend pins this way and that to make it work, reassembled it and it posted, so it turns out I was lucky after all

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