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The Lufia World Bank

Postby Chris » Sat Sep 13, 2003 5:19 pm

Dear Forum User,

As of now, The Lufia World Forum now has its very own bank for storing your gold in. As you may remember, gold is aquired by posting topics and replies.

If you open a bank account and deposit money into it, you will receive 5% interest on that money every day. However, be careful when you take money out because you will be charged a 2% rate.

What is the point of the bank you say? If you are not going to be spending any money for a while, put some in the bank and let the interest build up. Remember - the more money you put in the bank the more interest you get.

An item shop in the forum will be opened soon for you to spend your gold on. So get saving!

USEFUL LINKS: -- The Lufia World Forum -- The Bank

Thanks for reading!

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