The Neverending Story Of Lufia 3: The Cast of the Project.

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The Neverending Story Of Lufia 3: The Cast of the Project.

Postby JDWitchdoctor » Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:08 am

Meet the cast of the Lufia 3 Parody.


A childish moron called stupid by everyone he meets. A descendent of Maxim, whose bloodline has apparently watered down a bit. Childish and innocent, Wain carelessly follows Seena's every order.


A devious, plotting woman with a mysterious past and goal. Her sole purpose in life is to destroy the Sinistrals, for some reason. She can also make things float, as long as they happen to be glass balls. She also enjoys calling others stupid, and takes pleasure in pain.


A noble thief, but who cares? He's not even a main character.


A sexist amazon woman who wants to prove that women are equal to men by beating up people at random.


The token senile old man with a busted hearing aid. Is depressed with life, and hates young people. Also maybe some other things, but he's also not a main character, so who cares?


The second female character. A minor character, but also the group'sex appeal. Known for her large cup size.


Some say he's a lumberjack. Others say he's a pirate. Some say he's both. Either way, he's also a minor character, but is also pretty freaky. Enjoys lobbing things at people. Believes he's Wain's evil twin.


Obviously either a homosexual version of Winnie the Pooh or a French cosplayer. Either way, he creeps me out.


Good lord...and this parody is supposed to be rated G. Sex appeal, moreso than Melphis. A bit of a *****. A bit. Also, does shameless endorsement deals with my prior knowledge.


A scientist on drugs. Plays an electric guitar. (No seriously, he actually uses some guitars as weapons in the game. WTF?) Believes that there is not enough bass in rock anymore.


A gender-confused, nature loving weirdo. I hear the UK is rewarding 100,000 pounds to the man who can figure out Yurist's gender.


An elf. Minor Character. Not important. Believes that big ears make her smart. She cannot make up her mind whether she wants to be a generic elf or one of those silly cartoon elves you see on certain candy products at Christmas. Has a learning disability.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my parody.

I won't forget about doing it. I promise. There's more to come tomorrow.
"Glory is Fleeting, but Obscurity is Forever."

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