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Combat Log script

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:10 pm

A sample of what's yet to come for Lufia: Stagnate Memories battle system. If you have played Lufia I & II at least, then you will know the majority of rules for battle (I don't feel like explaining the battle system today).

No Capsule monster is presented in the battle.

Encountered Silver Roc and 2 Salamanders!
Preemptive Strike!
---Pre-Round 1---
[0]Party's Command: Battle
[1]Rex's Command: Attack; Target: Salamander A
[2]Lufia's Command: Mystic Arts: Gale; Splitcast feat Target(s): Salamander A & B
[3]Vulcan's Command: IP Tech: Pickpocket; Target: Silver Roc
[4]Amiena's Command: IP Tech: Lullaby; Targets: All Enemies
-Vulcan steals from Silver Roc! Obtains Silver Bracelet.
-Rex attacks! Salamander A takes 69 damage.
-Lufia casts Gale! Salamander A takes 46 damage and is defeated. Salamander B takes 48 damage.
-Amiena sings Lullaby! Salamander B was unaffected. Silver Roc was unaffected.
---Round 1---
[0]Party Command: Battle
-Silver Roc shrieks! Rex defense down by 13. Lufia defense down by 9. Vulcan defense down by 18. Amiena defense down by 10.
[1]Vulcan's command: IP Tech: Quick Strike; Target: Salamander B
-Vulcan quickly draws his weapon! Salamander B takes 28 damage.
[2]Rex's Command: Mystic Arts: Fake; Targets: All Allies
[3]Lufia's Command: Mystic Arts: Flash; Splitcast feat Target(s): Silver Roc
[4]Amiena's Command: Attack; Target: Salamander B
-Rex casts Fake! Party's speed up by 12.
-Salamander B casts Flame on the middle row! Rex takes 36 damage. Amiena takes 22 damage.
-Amiena attacks! Salamander B takes 28 damage and is defeated.
-Silver Roc attacks! Amiena takes 49 damage. Amiena is barely alive!
-Lufia casts Flash! Silver Roc takes 78 damage.
---Round 2---
[0]Party Command: Switch: Amiena with Vianu; Change Form: Vianu back row leftmost column; Battle
-Silver Roc attacks! Vulcan takes 38 damage.
[1]Vulcan's Command: Item: Potion; Target: Vulcan
[2]Vianu's Command: Attack; Target: Silver Roc
[3]Rex's Command: Attack; Target: Silver Roc
-Vulcan used a Potion! Vulcan recovers 28 HPs.
-Vianu shoots! Silver Roc takes 15 damage.
[4]Lufia's Command: IP Tech: Home Cooking; Target: Silver Roc
-Rex attacks! But misses Silver Roc.
-Lufia uses Home Cooking! Cooks up Silver Roc for an Eagle Rock!

Dialogue Box wrote:The party is victorious!
Obtained 196 Exp!

Rex 879675, Next: 969
Vulcan 825632, Next: 1487
Lufia 694213, Next: 25
Amiena levels up to level 28!
HP up by 13
AP up by 6
Strength up by2
Vitality up by 1
Agility up by 2
Intellect up by 1
Wisdom up by 3
Next: 7862
Vianu 694291 Exp, Next: 1413

Obtained 28 LP!
Lufia learned a new skill: Absorb!

Obtained 413 Gold!

Feel free to ask questions and yes I do know that the numbers are off. This is only an example of how the battle is executed.

"Nonsense was beginning!"

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