Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes

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Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:35 pm

Well now! This should be fun! Animal Crossing City Folk is the only game that can use the Wii Speak right now. It'd be fun having random chats with Lufia fans all over the world especially with the randomness of foreign languages!

Anyways, here's my FC: ????-????-????

I tried to register the FC with the a Wii and DS game earlier, it doesn't work.

Anyways have fun!

[EDIT] What happened to my FC's? Well, I've decided to take them all down because I hardly play Wii anymore. Besides, I have a reputation to get rid of here.

[EDIT AGAIN] Looking back almost a full year I realized that the idea of posting my FC's was COMPLETELY STUPID. Sure, I had a good brawl or two, but that doesn't make up for my contributions to LWF (witch were only speculations and still born fan games that never existed). As a last lament, I have removed them.

"Nonsense was beginning!"

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