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Postby apocalis20 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:47 am

Worst RPG? I'd vote both Paladin's Quest and Ys 3. Paladin's Quest is horrible right at the beginning (I actually tore my eyes off and deleted the rom (and yes, I emulate! o.o) as soon as I can), and Ys 3 is just darned unplayable.

Lufia: Ruins of Lore

Enough said! o.o That game has to burn for ruining the entire series!

Dawn of Mana

Actually, I think its only fault was the very flawed game physics engine and most of the gameplay. But that ruined the game altogether.
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Postby Volt » Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:27 pm

I hate rating a game I havent even finished, but.... sorry, Wild Arms 3. I played it for a while, the mere introduction made me want to slam my face through my tv screen.

FFX-2. Too much Spice-girl-ish action. Im fairly sure the story is fun and the gameplay is decent. I just cant stand the whole girlpower thing.

Jade Cocoon (story of the tamamayu). Dont get me wrong, the story was decent, the voice acting was very well done for an early PSX game, and the gameplay was ingenious (much better than pokemon could EVER be in terms of capturing and breeding monsters). Thing is.... the game was so SHORT. It just sucked :(.

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I have something to say here.

Postby TheBradshaw » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:55 pm

I've been very busy. But daily I check this website and forum for anything interesting, lately with Lufia DS things have been great.

This worst RPG forum peaked my interest, nothing I really disagree with except this:

The notion that Lufia: The Ruins of Lore is the worst RPG ever and somehow ruined the series. Come on now.

First of, since Lufia ROL is a Side-Story to the Lufia main legacy and CANNOT ruin the image of Lufia as a whole. The game can only ruin the series if it's in succession of the game's story's time line but provides none of the staples, reference and tradition in the previous titles. If this game WAS in fact a succession (Lufia 4 (not mine)) then it would have destroyed
the series.

Lufia ROL through this understanding can be considered better as Lufia 2.1; a game that starts roughly around 60 years after the original Doom Island War. NOT 100 after Wain and Seena's story, as it may have been assumed.

While I agree with the point that it may have been the weak point in the series in comparison to the others baring the Lufia name. There's a few strong points that maintain it's place in the Lufia Legacy:

1) It has the same exact user interface, means, speech bubbles including battle mode. The battle mode even has the battle cross it self!

2) The game explains the after math of the Gratze Kingdom and the character Dekar. Also who he gets married with. Touches on Guy, Bertie and Bart too. This is good info for any serious Lufia fan that wants it.

3) The music in the game is solid.

4) Has many off the same locations Lufia 2 had; world map is almost exactly the same.

5) We're now seeing character swaping to solve puzzle in Lufia DS, well they did that first in the same universe for what it's worth. lol

6) This game also has the Ancient Cave and Master Jelly!

How this is may have been a disappointment to the Lufia series:

1) NOT a sequel, does not take place 100 years after Lufia 3, no red haired hero, no blue haired companion that betrays you, no sinistrals, no dual blade, Arek, spelling mistakes... etc.

2) Bad game to leave Lufia on (which is not the case anymore).

3) Eldin doesn't talk through out the whole game accept when he meet Rubius and says, "I'm Eldin!". Then shuts up for the rest of the adventure. Get the sexual intercourse out of here.

4) The story wasn't even in the realm of the other Lufia games. Not emotional in the least! Badly written, Rubius, Ragule, the beast, IRMIS (if can remember that nonsense). Weak WEAK characters. No love interest anywhere but perhaps a crush between Rami and Torma. Leaving the main character with nothing and nothing to say about it.

5) Dual Blade can be found in a random treasure chest in the ancient cave.. Perhaps that IS reason to claim Lufia ROL a series killer. When a 14-15 can find the "legendary sword that has to power to judge the fate of the universe, kill 4+ Gods, has started centuries of Doom Island war" lying in a randomly generated treasure chest in a randomly generated room. There's a serious miss step! Since that's not part of the main story though I guess you can look past that.

As for one of the worst RPGs ever made, absolutely NOT. This is the game that got a Silver Editors Choice Award from EGM. I still maintain that Lufia ROL is a stronger RPG than even Golden Sun on the GBA. It's much stronger than a lot RPGs on the GBA so calling it one of the worst RPGs of all time is nonsense!
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Postby SinReVi » Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:20 pm

The official Japanese name is Chinmoki no Iseki - Estpolis Gaiden.

If it was a main game they would have used the Estpolis title first, and used the usual Estpolis logo instead of the ruins logo with tiny text saying Estpolis. But Atlus named the US version Lufia: The Ruins of Lore =P
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Postby LufiaDude » Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:59 pm

Borderlands its a third person rpgshooter,but i don,t think shooters shall be rpg
Lufia 2 is my favorite
Well i like lufia ruins of lore
I am dutch
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