The Ancient Cave Saga

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The Ancient Cave Saga

Postby Ryu Juini » Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:31 am

Hello! Welcome to my Roleplay! I'm going to keep this a live if you like it or not. I'll be game master of this. Please post your minor equipment, relics of your family/whatever, unique spells, etc! I'll be personally holding your information till this topic dies, I die, or we finish it! Thank you!


Classes- We'll start on the subject of classes. You will be able to gain a unique class of your choice as the story progresses, so bear with me as we get through the beginning levels of The Ancient Cave! The advanced classes are choices you can take also.

Magic Swordsman - A warrior of strength and endurance, being able to master many magics and lend a hand to the healers and spellcasters of the group. Able to equip many armors and weapons. High STR and HP growth, good CON growth, medium MP, WIS, INT, CHA, DEX, and AGI growth. A balanced stat growth class. Magic Swordsman may equip Swords, Blunts, Knives, and Greatswords, and any armor. Also shields. Advances to - Paladin, Shadowknight, Spell Sword, Holy Knight, Dark Knight.

Attack - 40
Defense - 30

Starting Skills - Strong, Gale, Fire Slash, Ice Slash, Bolt Slash.

Warrior - The true man-of-arms and melee fighters, warriors shun magic to become the largest force of power in terms of combat. HIGH HP and STR Growth, Great CON growth, good AGI and DEX growth, low WIS, INT, MP, and CHA growth. They can equip any weapon or armor. Also shields. Advances to - Fighter, Duelist, Gladiator, Dragoon, Axeman, Berserker, Knight.

Attack - 50
Defense - 40

Starting Skills - Taunt, Dodge, Focus, Crimson Slash, Kick, Critical Hit.

Lancer - A fighter who knows no limits of power, the Lancer can attack multiple enemies and farther away with his deadly spear. They can also Jump at a far lesser limit to the Dragoons, but deal massive damage with it as well. Lancer's can equip any Sword and any Spear. They can equip any armor. High HP and STR growth, great CON growth, medium AGI, CHA, and DEX growth, lesser WIS and INT growth, medium MP growth. Advances to - Dragoon, Knight, Gladiator, Dragon Knight.

Attack - 40
Defense - 30

Starting Skills - Pierce, Spin Slash, Lance Shield, Jump.

Monks - Monks are THE fighters. Gaining many unique abilities, they can dish out damage and take a hit too! Monks focus their Chi into devastating attacks and healing spells. Monks have High STR and AGI growth, good CON, DEX, and HP growth, medium MP, WIS, CHA, and INT growth. Monks can use blunt weapons and their bare fist. By focusing on a Style of combat, monks can advance to a deadly unique class of their own. Be warned, you can only use one school of martial arts if you wish to advance to these beasts of melee. Monks may only equip Cloth or Leather armor. Advances to - Martial Artist, Ninja, Black Belt, -Special Style Monk-.

Attack - 50
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Dodge, Block, Kick, Fist Pummel, Bandage, Dual Wield.

Wizard - Wizards are the elite of spell casting, for this level atleast. They are a force to be reckoned with. What group is successful without a psycho Wizard? High INT and HP Growth, good WIS growth, medium AGI, CHA, and CON growth, Low HP, Strength, and DEX growth. Wizards may equip staffs, staves, and knives. Wizards may wear cloth armors. Advance to - Illusionist, Seer, Sage, Chaos Sorcerer, Flame Bringer, Ice Bringer, Bolt Bringer.

Attack - 20
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Light, Flash, Spark, Strong, Drain, Focus Energy, Critical Spell Casting.

Cleric - Cleric's hold any group together! The prime healers, and decent fighters, Cleric's can heal and take damage. Not your wussy robed fool! Clerics get high CON and WIS growth, good HP, MP, STR, CHA, and DEX growth, medium AGI and INT growth,. Cleric's may equip Blunt Weapons and wear any armor. Also shields. Advance to - Priest, Lightbringer, Paladin.

Attack - 30
Defense - 30

Starting Skills - Strong, Guard, Spark, Holy Light, Strong Wave.

Bard - Bard's make a group a deadlier force to reckon with. A good bard can heal, boost, and assist a group while slaying monsters. Bards are very popular story tellers. Bards can use Thief skills but at a lesser skill. High DEX CHA, and AGI growth, good CON and HP growth, medium WIS, INT, and STR growth. Low MP growth. Bards can equip Swords, Knives, Clubs, and Maces. Bards can use instruments. Bard songs normally take no mana to sing. Bards can wear any armor. Advance to - Singer, Battle Drummer, Singing Swordsman, Acrobat.

Attack - 30
Defense - 30

Starting Skills - Dodge, Singing, Pick Pockets.

Thief - Ahh..thieves. What can you say? They make your pockets fat and poke your enemies. HIGH AGI, DEX, and CHA growth, good STR growth, medium CON and HP growth, low WIS, INT, and MP growth. Thieves may use Short Swords, Knives, Short Bows, and Daggers. Thieves may wear Leather or Chain armor. Advance to - Ninja, Rogue, Shadowstriker, Hunter, Criminal.

Attack - 30
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Steal, Pick Pockets, Disarm Traps, Sense Traps, Make Trap, Backstab *KNIFE OR DAGGER MUST BE EQUIPPED*, Stealth, Hide, Flee.

Archer - Death from afar, archers are masters of the bow and snipers in their own. Never go home without one. High AGI and Dex growth, good STR and CON growth. Medium HP, MP, WIS, CHA, and INT growth. Archer's may equip Short Swords, Knives, Bows, and Crossbows. Archers may wear Leather or Chain armor. Advance to - Ranger, Sniper, Animal Caller, Tracker, Hunter.

Attack - 40
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Take Aim, Double Shot, Animal Summon.

Magician - A summoner of the elements and objects. A damage dealer in his own right, Magician's are a force to be reckoned with. Their weak early on, stick to them! High INT and MP growth, medium CON, WIS, DEX, CHA, and AGI growth. Low HP and STR growth. Magician's may equip Staff's, Staves, and Knives. Magician's may wear Cloth armor. Advance to - Summoner, Sword Slayer, Arcanist.

Attack - 20
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Elemental Summon, Flare, Gale, Shock of Blades, Sword Summon, Armor Summon.

Necromancer - The spellcaster of death, Necromancer's share the ability to summon pets like a Magician, but are a tad weaker. Necromancer's are evil, pure evil. High INT and MP growth, good CON growth, medium DEX and HP growth, low AGI and CHA growth. Necromancer's may equip staff's, staves, and knives. Necromancer's may wear Clotha rmor. Advance to - Death Envoker, Bone Caller, Skull Sage.

Attack - 20
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Skeleton Summon, Life Tap, Darkness Wave, Disease Cloud, Poison Bolt, Life Wave.

Enchanter - Enchanter's are the sexy class basically. Able to charm, mezmerize, and seduce, Enchanter's are a deadly class and a must have in deep dungeon crawls. They can summon weak guardian pets incase Charming is not an option. They can also expand the mind, increasing mana regeneration. HIGH Cha growth, High MP and INT growth, medium AGI and DEX growth, low CON, STR, and HP growth. Enchanters may use staffs, staves, and knives. Enchanters may wear cloth armor. Advance to - Seductor, Tamer, Peace Bringer, Illusionist.

Attack - 20
Defense - 20

Starting Skills - Guardian Summon, Charm, Jewelery Craft, Mezmerize, Blind Seduction.

Info on skills will be on your character sheet and shown upon leveling up and aquiring a new skill. NOT EVERYONE WILL GAIN A NEW SKILL ON THE SAME LEVEL AS ANOTHER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

You may Dual Class the instant you level to level 2, but be warned. Skills rely on levels, and the max is 100. Every class, advanced or normal, have a 100th Level Skill of uniqueness. Be warned with Dual Classing, with your amazing set of skills, you will not gain the most powerful. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Standing alone in the waiting room, the blue-haired youth sat waiting to see if any other young adventurers would arrive to take hold of the challenge known as "The Ancient Cave". Youth? Nah, he looked around eighteen to twenty-seven, but he didn't seem that young!

The Ancient Cave underwent minor changes over the years. Level 1, No Spells, No Equipment besides a minor set given to you. He was already set up for this journey.

-Anything after these are your stat with boostings. Make your own base stats but keep them on par with my own/with your characters growth rates. Don't be stupid. A wizard will NOT have 200 STR or 1000 INT at level 1.

Ryu Bateson

Level 1

Class: Magic Swordsman.

HP: 50/50 - 65/65
MP: 20/20 - 35/35
IP: 100/100

ATK: 40 - 75
DEF: 30 - 77

STR: 17 - 32
CON: 15 - 30
AGI: 10 - 25
DEX: 11 - 26
INT: 7 - 22
WIS: 8 - 23
CHA: 29 - 44

Strong ~ 5 MP - A Light Healing Spell
Gale ~ 10 MP - A area effect Ice Spell

Fire Slash ~ 5 MP - Imbue your weapon into a fiery blade!
Ice Slash ~ 5 MP - Imbue your weapon into a freezing blade!
Bolt Slash ~ 5 MP - Imbue your weapon into a shocking blade!

Accession ~ 10 - Turn into a Dragon. Form pending on Level , party members, and total MP.

Dragon Forms:
Whelp ~ 5 MP a Turn - Turn into a baby dragon! Whelp Breath attack and sharp claws.
Dragon ~ 10 MP a Turn - Turn into a dragon! Dragon Breath attack, improved HP and Stats.

R-Hand - Short Sword, 20 Attack
L-Hand - Wooden Shield, 10 Defense, 1-4 Damage.
Head - Headband, 2 defense.
Body - Leather Armor, 15 Defense.
Hands - Leather Gloves, 5 Defense.
Feet - Leather Boots, 5 Defense.
Other - Dragon Tear Necklace -ARTIFACT- +10 to all, friendly effect.
Other - Royal Ring -ARTIFACT- +5 to all, Insignia of Royalty.

Once you enter down the steps, you come across the counter. You are asked to leave your belongings here and take some of the equipment offered.


Short Sword, 20 Attack - MS, W, L, B, T, A
Small Knife, 10 Attack - All
Cracked Staff, 5 Attack - All
Club, 12 Attack - All but Spellcasters
Rusty Mace, 15 Attack - All but Spellcasters
Cracked Stave, 8 Attack -Twohanded- - All
Fist Wraps, 10 attack. M
Worn Short Bow, 17 Attack - T, A


Wooden Shield, 10 Defense -All Shield Users-
Bracelet, 2 Defense -All Classes!-


Leather Helm - 5 Defense -All but Spellcasters-
Headband - 2 Defense -All-


Leather Armor - 15 Defense -All but Spellcasters-
Robe - 10 Defense -All-


Leather Gloves - 5 Defense -All but Spellcasters-
Silk Clothes - 2 Defense -All-


Leather Boots - 5 Defense -All but Spellcasters-
Silk Shoes - 2 Defense -All-


Ring - +10 Cha -All-
Earrings - +5 INT, +5 WIS, +5 CHA -All-

Upon selecting, you are now allowed to view the other characters and recruit for your journey. You don't have a choice really.

Show me your character sheet and let us begin! If your "Artfiacts" are too powerful or make no damn sense, they are DENIED.

This Roleplay, for combat, requires you not come on the boards for five minutes and leave. Combat will take weeks to finish then! Please try to dedicate more time, like I am, to this board!

Updates (June 23rd)

Added MP to Spells

Added MP to skills.

Added Classes to weapons/armor who may use. MS for Magic Swordsman, W for Warrior, etc..

Added a Bow for the list of newbie weapons.

Added IP Gauge and Skills. Skills are aquired through Items/Scrolls found in the dungeon. Every character is allowed ONE Unique Skill they may bring into the Dungeon.

Added a new monk skill at level 1, Dual Wield.

Changed my mind. Just post your character sheet, AKA Stats and Equipment. I'll handle Skills/Magic and will reply it. If you have any special skills/magics/IP requests, post them with your sheet. I'll consider it.

Please try to keep all the RP info in one post. Thanks. -DBAM
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Postby DualBladeAlstadtMilitary » Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:54 am

Because this isn't an official RP, I'm going to close this for now, but this may be reopened once we decide to go with it. Hopefully that's okay with you.

(BTW: Posting to get people to post doesn't really help. :P)

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Postby Ryu Juini » Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:57 am

Go ahead. I found it a bit better to post then to clog up one post. Do as you wish.
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