Decree of the Gods

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Decree of the Gods

Postby Seto Dekar » Tue Aug 21, 2007 1:15 am

In a continent far off of most maps lays a scattered civilisation that dwells in small village towns around the isles and pay regular homage to a large palace on a plateau in the middle of the land, most of the time through the years this palace has asked little from the people below them and allowed them to exist in peace and harmony. But recently strange noises and explosions have been seen and heard coming from the towering castle causing much dismay amongst the people of that land, after much silence for several weeks the towns people thought the worst was over but unfortunately were wrong. As they went back to their mundane lives a tall powerful looking man standing on a black cloud floats down from the palace with ten chariots following him, "People of Jovaco, I am your new leader and have disposed of the former weak minded leader and I expect much from my citizens. You will worship me as a god and treat me as such, whatever I say you will concede otherwise my wrath shall be harshly felt" bellows the powerful man, he then demonstrates his power by blowing up an unoccupied church and saying that he is the only god this land will worship. The man turns and leaves but his men remain in the chariots land and remain to draw up tables of which people will be doing and handing over, as well as the rules they are to follow if they wish to continue in the living world these men also collect up all the young ladies and boys and take them. "We will be taking your young girls for procreation so feel privileged that your people will lay with the gods, as for your young boys we're taking them to advance the future numbers of our army by training them from an early age" commands the leader of the men, many people burst out in tears while other yell, scream and fight to keep their loved ones safe from this travesty and to people's surprise from the hills came a couple of Elves. They remained unseen to the godly army and instructed the villagers to allow their children and girls the ones that remain to accompany them, since they've never had any problems or reasons to doubt the Elves the villagers allowed having their remaining chosen to the Elves. While the rest of the village distracted the men, so off went the rest of the young villagers including a boy by the name of Jato who walked up to the lady Elf, "Excuse me lady why are you helping, and why aren't you helping us fight" asked the boy and the Elvian lady looked at him and smiled. "Young one as much as we'd like to help we don't have the numbers at the moment, let alone the power" return the Elf, "My dad knew someone who could help, just send him a letter and he'll round up some people to help us" suggested the boy.

Taking the young boy's suggestion the Elvian lady Isoin writes an urgent letter to the little town that has a large mansion on the outskirts and writes "Dear Lord Ashura Quatre I have been informed you're a formidable warrior and mage as well as friends of a one Jato Keivel's parents, this boys tells me you are able to acquire groups of strong people please let this be true. Can you please come to the continent of Jovaco to the oddly shaped coastal mountains as this land has gained a new ruthless leader, who thinks himself a god and has taken many of the young girls and boys of the villagers surrounding it's central palace but our hidden Elves have taken much of the remaining chosen youth to keep them safe from harm. For how much longer I'm not sure but please come with whatever help you can. Signed Isoin Head Elvian Priest". Three days later the letter arrives at Ashura's mansion and upon reading he headed into to and called a town meeting, he asks all those of strong body and mind to join him in a venture to Jovaco to battle this godly army and menace to protect the innocence of that land...
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