A new life, another day.

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A new life, another day.

Postby DarkMaster2101 » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:44 pm

[Imagine Lufia, but in today. Except an anime version.]

There was a kid tinkering with an engine to a car inside an open garage. He is holding a PB&J sandwich in one hand and twisting a ratchet with another. He is listening to modern day beats on his Ipod using white earphones. Closing the hood of the car he stands up. The boy is wearing a greaser shirt, blue jeans, and old sneakers. The boy is quite young; he is short even if his messy brown hair extends high.

A young cerulean haired girl was walking through the neighborhood. The girl's blue eyes are enraged with the fury of the gods, universe, and all other divine forces of existence. She is wearing a blue and white school uniform. She turned to the boy working on the car in the garage. Even with the nicest face possible, Lou knew that deep inside, there was a sinister rage of a thousand super novas. Despite this, Lufia greeted Lou just like every day.

Lou: Good morning Lufia! What's wrong?

Lufia: Oh I was just looking for the culprit who devoured my culinary arts project.

Lou is shaking with intimidation.

Lou: Well, I know it's wasn't me if you're asking.

Lufia: I know Lou. I wasted enough, Devur's punishment is at stake. See you later...

Lufia storms down the street (well, she's walking but anyone can tell it wasn't powerless) towards Devur's house.

[Feel free to seize control over Lou and Lufia for me. You should know what this is. Go nuts but keep it sane.]

"Nonsense was beginning!"

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