Lufia 2: The forgotten warriors

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Lufia 2: The forgotten warriors

Postby Volt » Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:03 pm

(This is the only OOC line in this rp. The following posts are copied and pasted from my file which I saved before it was deleted at gamefaqs. The posts consist out of my posts, and those of Ocelot/Orca. Hope that clears up any confusion regarding the amount).

This is the story of the forgotten warriors, who fought valiantly in Northland during the rise of the Sinistrals, the first time in known written history. While Maxim, Selan, Artea, and Guy were fighting the first Doom Island War, it is not so wellknown that during this time, other, unnamed warriors were fighting just as valiantly for the freedom of the world and the survival of mankind.
For the first time.. tales of their story will be told.


(posted by Volt)

Volt's Diary
X day, X month, X year

Half a year has now passed since I left Durale. My trip so far has been far from entertaining. I had to take small jobs hunting down monsters around the towns of Barnan and Portravia. While Barnan was peaceful, Portravia had some difficulties killing some seamonsters. I assisted them, and was rewarded enough gold to make my way to treadool*.

*note - Dankirk and Auralio are at a state of war. Not wanting to get involved in their business, I took a boat that landed on Forfeit Island, and from there on took another boat to Treadool.

X day, X month, X year

I took the boat to Gruberik, where I visited the ancient cave. Such an oddity... stairs that vanish the moment you set foot on the new floor below the previous one, monsters that increase in both size and power, and your items magically stripped away from you. I made my way to the twenty-second floor, and there I decided it was time to leave. I saw a blue chest, and while I had heard of blue chests containing valuable items, I did not approach it. The previous chest I wanted to open had a nesty set of teeth in it, and the chest was more than willing to add my arm to it's contents. While I managed to kill that one, I surely did not want to risk life and limb for a valuable and possibly unique item. I am no treasure hunter per se after all!

X day, X month, X year

I arrived in Aleyn... I can't believe nearly a year has passed. I believe I will stay here for a while, the mountains nearby make for an excellent training location. I need to increase my speed some more, as the beasts around here are able to strike at me almost before I am even able to unsheath my sword. They remind me of the white dragons near Durale.. I wonder if my town is alright?

X day, X month, X year (second-last update)

I couldn't sleep last night, and took a walk along the beach. Suddenly, my eye caught the presence of a strange red fireball, looming over town briefly, then making it's way across the ocean. The power it had was simply ghastly and frightening! For some reason.. I feel compelled now to rush to Parcelyte. Before so, I will travel to the Bound Kingdom. I might as well pay a visit to the capitols of each country I visit.

X day, X month, X year (last update)

I am worried and concerned now. Ever since I gazed upon that ungodly fireball, the monsters around here have increased dramatically in numbers, becoming more vicious in the proces! More than before, I am worried about Durale. I will rest in this desert now. If I am correct, I should reach Bound Kingdom tomorrow.

No sooner had I put away my diary and pen as I was attacked by an oddly shaped ball of green... slime. Quickly I sliced off part of it's arm and it fled from my sight. "It is odd... before, only few monsters were vicious enough to attack random travelers. But now... it seems as if every monster in existance is attemping to lunge at me. What does this all mean?" I thought to myself as I rested once more, my hand never releasing the grip of my trusty Durale-made silver sword.

(posted by Ocelot)

Bound Training Regimen (Day 1)
As told by Orca

Before that red light soared over the castle, the countryside was quiet. There were occasional monster strikes on the castle walls but one swing of Dekar's axe took care of them relatively easily. Bound's "army" was really for show so the other kingdoms wouldn't laugh at us. That didn't bode well for me, though, as everyone but Dekar usually spends their day at attention near the gate or outside the throne room. Hell, I hadn't swung my axe at anything more dangerous than a door (even then, I tripped!) for weeks.

Recently, though, monster activity has increased beyond imagination. The days when those jelly-like blobs (I wonder how they taste??) were all we had to worry about were gone. The day after the light, they ALL showed up. Dozens of creatures started wandering the desert outside and even more tried to push their way past the gate. I watched in horror as Dekar was slowly enveloped in some sick dogpile of monsters. I was stationed at the other end of the courtyard, leaning on my axe (how they expected me hold it at attention for any longer than about 7 seconds is beyond me). When the monsters covered Dekar completely, that was the end of it. I passed out right there on the cobblestone. I remember my last thought before the black: "Dekar will never fall...!"

I awoke near sundown, staring up at none other than Dekar. He had a worried look on his face (I think, it was covered in blue and green jelly) when he said: "Orca! Get up soldier, there is work to be done!" I tried to get up, but is seemed that my axe fell over my chest, its blade wedged in the stone. I tried to pull it out, but it was no good. After a few fruitless struggles Dekar (who still stood there, giggling) grabbed the haft with one hand, pulled up and threw my axe to the side. He lent me a hand (covered in... something) and pulled me up.

Looking around, I saw the gate was raised, with something beating the other side. I wonder what was doing that... oh. Monsters. Duh! The corpses of monsters lay around the courtyard. Strangely, in one place the monsters seem to explode and radiate out. Did Dekar do that? He is like some sort of god! I'm glad I am friends with him. I am also glad he is alive, now that I think about it. Not that anything could kill him any way.

We were all ushered into the barracks, except I was a little late. When Dekar threw my axe it wedged back in the ground when it landed. When I finally managed to pull it out, I still had to drag it back inside. I ended up just dropping it in the hall outside the barracks, and I rushed in for the meeting. Our captain was wrapping up a speech: "...Starting tomorrow, you all will receive emergency training to deal this new threat. Dekar will lead and teach you all to not be just decorations. I hope you all will make our King and Prince proud!" There were cheers around the room. "Now the King will say a few words... Your Majesty?" The king did not enter.

It turns out that on his way to make his speech His Highness tripped on something in the hall and fell, nearly breaking his nose. Whomever is responsible for that is in real trouble. I sure feel sorry for that guy...

Bound Training Regimen (Day 2)

The day started earlier for Bound's army today, as our training schedule left no room for rest. We were all raised just before sun-up so we could gear up and make formation in the courtyard. I was released from my cell (my new bed for the duration of the training, as per my punishment for yesterday, along with cleaning up the courtyard) and I had to hoof it all the way upstairs so I could get my equipment. A grabbed my axe, and, so I could carry it comfortably, slung it over my shoulders. If I didn't get to the courtyard quick, I'll be reprimanded and possibly have my punishment extended.

I formed in line (front line, 2nd from the left) just in time. I let my axe down so I wouldn't smack my fellow soldiers with it (they gave me dirty looks every time I did) and awaited orders. The sun was just starting to rise. I also noticed that the air became much quieter than it was yesterday. The monsters seemed to have calmed down.

The captain, Dekar and Prince Alex stood in front of us. That Prince, sometimes I think he's weaker than I am. Dekar always has to shadow him and finish off whatever he tries to kill. Dekar can only do so much. I hope he will come to his senses some day.
Anyway, the captain began his lecture:
"Alright soldiers, today starts your training. Dekar here will take you out into the desert and show you how it's done. He taken out monsters that would use you all as toothpicks, and soon you can too, Prince Alex will accompany you as well, to impart his skills onto you. I will stay here to make sure the castle doesn't fall apart. See you all at noon!"

"Yes sir!" We all said and saluted. Dekar stepped forward and said: "Alright guys. Don't think this is all work. We're going out and beating the crap out of monsters! That is it! So let's go and kick some butt!"

We raised the gate and we marched out into the desert. It wasn't much else, really. There was some old Labyrinth north but no one but the Prince (and Dekar, of course) venture there. I heard that the monsters are really strong there, so who knows what it is like now. Since the town is held within the castle walls, we have left the desert alone, really. No patrols or anything.

We marched out to an oasis, Dekar beating down any creature foolish enough to approach. I holstered my axe across my back, but even then I trailed the line trying to keep up. I hope this training will strengthen me enough to carry it effectively. We congregated around the oasis, resting before practice. A traveler seemed to be resting here on the other end of the oasis, but we had no business with him and he didn't approach us. Nobody's business but his own I guess.

The rest of the morning was spent with Dekar showing us how to properly wield a weapon and how to dispatch monsters. He was really showing off, too. He performed something called a "Dekar Tornado" where he spun around fast and shredded a jelly. I will have to learn a move like that someday. Prince Alex tried to take on a goblin so Dekar showed us the idea of "Team Attacks" and finished the goblin off. When we tried our hand at monster disposal. It went pretty well, for the most part. Everyone killed something. Even me. I timed my attack so my slow swing would connect with a jelly as it passed by.

I was feeling pretty good about myself. I held my axe the way Dekar told me too, and the weight was much more bearable. I wanted to try my own "Orca Tornado", so I gathered my strength and started my spin when an orky approached. Dekar didn't say it made the axe harder to hold! I had to let go or my arms would tear off. Lucky for me, it didn't hit any one, but it landed in the water. Everyone saw and started laughing. I felt so embarrassed, but all I could do is stand there.

Dekar jumped in front of me and dispatched the orky getting ready to attack me. He said: "Orca, you klutz! Don't worry though, I'll get your axe." Before he finished taking off his armor, a creature jumped out of the oasis. Everyone jumped when it landed in front of the Prince. It looked like a large blue eel with legs. It had a mouth full of teeth, open and ready to strike. It stood about 12 feet tall on its four legs, showing how deep the oasis was. I noticed as I stared in fear just why it looked so angry:

My axe was wedged between its eyes.

*How will Orca and the unit deal with this menace? And what of the traveler? You will just have to wait and see!

(posted by Volt)

The night before was not a good one. I have lost track of the amount of times I woke up, alarmed by the odd noises of several men of clay that tried to sneak up on me. It's a good thing I am used to the more cunning white dragons, otherwise I would have been in trouble. Eventually, I decided to rest between the bushes near the oasis in front of me. Bound Kingdom was East of here, and I could already see the (rather large) castle up ahead. Sleeping would be out of the question, but I noticed how monsters attacked me on sight, and I came to the conclusion that if they can't see me, they won't search for me or attack me. For at least 3 hours I was able to have a good sleep (though good is hardly the phrase when you have sand on and in areas of your clothing you'd rather not have sand be).

I woke up, tired, but otherwise fairly good. It has been almost a week now that I spotted that red ball of blazing fire and left the port of Aleyn. I am curious how smaller towns have dealt with the increase in monster attacks. As irony would have it, monsters tend to stay away from large cities and castles (unless of course, they are as isolated as Bound kingdom is.... who builds a castle in a desert anyway?), but smaller towns would be in trouble. Ironically, guards are almost always stationed at the large castles, but the smaller towns are ignored. The world works in unfair ways indeed.

I was disturbed from my thoughts as I noticed a group of scruffy soldiers had arrived. I had no doubt in my mind that they were from Bound Kingdom. Perfect! I can gather intelligence from them later on, maybe study their techniques. One man in particular, with long blue hair, grasped my interest. Surely, he was one of exceptional skill, though from the way he shredded a simple jelly I concluded thinking wasn't his strong point. Part of me believed the soldiers around him (covered in goo) would agree with me there. Nevertheless, I grabbed my few belongings, and placed my sword on my back, determined to reach Bound by this afternoon. I casually approached the Soldiers, and watched some of the small battles they had with some red jellies. After having slain a dragon myself, I can't say that I was very impressed with soldiers hacking away at boneless monsters. A screech that sent chills down my spine quickly grasped my attention once more, and I turned around to see a large, 8 headed monster standing tall in what I misstakingly thought was a safe monster-free oasis!

It wasn't very difficult to determin why exactly it jumped out of it's peaceful slumbering; it had an axe stuk in one of it's heads! I don't know if it was exquisite skill or pure dumb luck, but getting a weapon of such weight between a monster's eyes was a feat nonetheless.

I turned and faced someone who was apparantly of royalty. "Sir, I don't doubt your country's training methods, but I don't really believe starting with jellies and moving to Orkies is a very wise idea..."
I suddenly realised that considering I was pretty close to the monster, and made a lot of sound, I myself wasn't being a very smart fighter. If it weren't for my superior agility, the head (with the axe in it) that lunged at me surely would have bit me in half. The other 7 heads apparantly were picking out other targets. But I had enough! Time was precious and I would no longer squander it on random monsters!

This time, I took my sword out. The monster's 7 heads were now all snapping at other targets, while the axe-head was still fixated on me. However, I had a plan... I crouched, and as the axe-head lunged at me, I jumped up, and literally nailed him in the soft ground beneath us. My silver rapier stuck through his neck, deep into the ground. Time was once more against me, as the other heads would surely target me. I had no time to waste, as I yanked out the axe stuck in it's face (do monsters have a face really?). That axe was probably the heaviest weapon I ever held! Whoever managed to get it in the orky's face must have possessed immense superhuman strength! I needed all my strength to lift up the axe, and rid the Orky of one head. As the other heads all screeched in pain, the headless neck splattered blood everywhere, I hastefully removed my sword from the ground. Or at least, I intended to. It was in the ground deeper than I thought! And there I stood, facing one monster, with 7 heads, and a mood worse than my ex girlfriends ever had in the mornings.

"why can't I just start my day with a nice cup of milk and a fresh loaf of bread? Really?" I thought to myself...
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Postby Volt » Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:07 pm

posted by ocelot

Struggle in the Oasis

What exactly was I staring at? The creature had eight heads, and one of the heads was wasted by that traveler! He wielded a silver rapier with great skill; he was probably from across the sea. He was quick and dispatched the head which held my axe-

MY AXE! It was free! The traveler discarded it with great difficulty. I'm glad I'm not the only one with trouble with it. Now was my chance to get my weapon back. I dashed forward and reached for my axe right as the traveler severed the head of the creature. I lifted up the axe and moved to a position where I could see Dekar and the other soldiers. The creature was flailing about now that it was missing a head.

"Dekar! What should I do?" I shouted.
"Focus on a head! I'll take care of the rest!" Dekar shouted back. I noticed he finished taking his armor off. It was probably faster than putting it all back on. He stood there in his underwear, holding an axe in one hand and a shield in another. "Soldiers, split into pairs and focus on a head! Any soldiers left make a distraction!"
"D-Dekar!" Prince Alex shouted. "I have the desert monsters!" He stepped back behind Dekar, his blade drawn.

The soldiers obliged Dekar's orders, and each pair corned a head, their shields up and keeping the teeth at bay. I shouted out to my head of the creature: "Hey ugly! I got a snack for ya!" That caught its attention! Clearly and fully focused on me, the head danced around, waiting for an opportunity to strike. It did. And it was FAST. The head shot out and tried to bite me. I had me axe at the ready (adrenaline be thanked for that!) and the creature rammed it, nearly knocking me over. I stood my ground, though, and the creature recoiled. Now I knew its pattern. The creature reared back, and timed a crushing downward blow when its head lunged in. It worked! The head was crushed, its blood spraying everywhere. The creature screaming in pain again. My axe dug into the sand under it.

"Perfect timing!" Dekar said. He lunged forward and ran up my neck of the creature. He stood on the back of it, with a perfect view of the remaining six heads' necks. "Time to finish this!"


Dekar jumped into the air and brought his axe down right at the joint of all the necks. With a deafening crunch and squish all the remaining heads all with limp and slammed into the ground. Blood and gore flew everywhere, raining around the landscape. Dekar stood on the back of the creature, striking a triumphant pose. His naked body gleaming in the sun. All the soldiers celebrated; this experience accelerated our training.

"Great work, there Orca," Dekar said to me as he came down off the creature, "I have to prepare the other soldiers to head back, and put my armor back on, so here." He pulled my axe out of the sand and skull and handed it to me. I didn't know what to say. I took it silently. "Be sure to thank that swordsman for me. He looks formidable. I may need a duel with him!" He walked away, laughing.

I approached the traveler and said: "The soldiers of Bound thank you for your aid, sir. If you are heading to Bound, you are welcome to join us." With that, I joined a newly armored Dekar, Prince Alex, and the rest of the unit as we prepared to leave for the castle, dragging my axe along.

And back to my cell...dammit.

(posted by Volt)

"Finally!" I muttered as I managed to remove my sword from the neck of the fallen monster. I took my time to look around the battle site, as all the soldiers were preparing to go back to the castle. I was surprised that blue-haired man named Dekar got back into his armor. I half expected him to parade back in nothing but his worn out underwear.

My sword was covered in blood and gut, and I can't say the rest of my body was clean either. Surely that move was efficient, but it wasn't exactly a clean kill... Dekar was very off on his aim, and it wasnt his axe that finished the job, but moreso the weight of his body as it came down, snapping the creature's chestbones that normally protect its heart. "But I guess the end result is all that mattered."

I turned round to face one of the soldiers preparing to leave. "Hey friend, you guys wouldn't mind it if I'd gut this creature to see if there's any spoils left for me to take?"
He shook his head in a "not really" sort of way. I took that as a sign of permission. I walked up to the largest head, and sliced it off. I remembered from past experiences that sometimes monsters form magical rocks and jewels inside their body, which gives them extra strength. The older the monster, the better the quality. It starts off as a small pebble, a small rock if you will, and then it's pressured and polished by each monster's individual body acids into a shiney jewel.

And I was right! Just behind the jaw, there was a beautiful, grey rock. I never really had use for any of these items, but they sell for quite a nice sum. I ran up to the soldiers heading back to Bound.

"Finally... thanks to this, today I can finally have a bath, a bed to sleep in, and have my clothes cleaned."

(posted by ocelot)

We were marching back to Bound just as the sun was starting to set, much later than we wanted to. I hoisted my axe over my shoulder while I hunched at the back of the line, exhausted. Our little exercise was much more vigorous than anyone could imagine, but it was just what we needed to show the men just what we were dealing with. The increased monster volume would be easier to manage now that the unit faced that horror.

The traveler, as covered in goo and slime as the rest of us, followed alongside us. Before we left he extracted something out of the creature; I would ask him about it later. As we marched on, I tried to be friendly with him. He wasn't the talkative type, apparently, as all I could get out of him was his name (Volt) and where he was from (Durale). He hunted monsters, apparently, which would account for his great skill with a blade. I thought about asking him if about the increase of monster activity was prevalent in his country, but then I realized that started to occur only a few days earlier. He probably knew as much as I did.

We hit the gates after dark, with almost no monster encounters at all. Dekar took care of the front ones and Volt dispatched the rear. We assembled in the courtyard for debriefing while Volt headed inside. "Thanks again for your help, Volt!" I shouted, "I'd love to hear of your adventures! I could introduce you to Dekar if you want, too! If you can't find me, just ask for Orca!" He was gone. I hope he heard me. I would love to learn how Durale's military operates.

Debriefing was, well, brief. The captain gave us the standard "job well done" and hurried us into the washrooms so we wouldn't offend the townsfolk or guests with our smell. I didn't notice that, but I could use a wash before I get back in my cell. I didn't want to drag my axe into the restroom (a creature has only come out of the drain once, but that was due to poor maintenance.) so I propped it up against the wall next to the door and stepped in.

Volt was there, too, cleaning himself up. He was finishing up as I stepped up to the washbasin.
"So you have any business here?" I asked.
"Going to meet the King." He answered, and that was that. He left without another word. Definitely not the talkative type.

I cleaned up, and headed back to the prison. I knew my orders: "After practice report of your cell or face further punishment." I did not want to risk discharge from the army, so right back in I went. The jailer happily unlocked my cell and gave me a "helpful push" in, locking the door behind me. So here I was, waiting for another day. What if Volt came looking for me and found me here? What would he say? I hope he stays the night at least. I can't believe he spent the night outdoors with what was going on. Well, that can wait for later. I laid on the meager slab-of-a-bed and waited for sleep.

I heard I loud metallic THUD from upstairs, waking me up a bit. Some voices followed:
"Whoa, your Highness! Be careful with that!" That was Dekar's.
"I-I never knew it would be this heavy...! Get it off me!" Prince Alex's.
"Oh, boy... I know whose axe this is..." Dekar again.

I have a feeling that my stay has just been extended....

(posted by Volt)

Volt Diary change: I decided to start mentioning how many days it has been since I saw that fireball. Whatever it was, from what I hear monsters have increased in numbers and have become more aggressive in at least the western lands. I do not doubt this goes to say it is happening world wide. Therefor, I shall now no longer mention the exact dates alone, but also how many days have passed since that ball flew past me. Cursed be my lack of grip of time, as I am always off by a day or so...

X Day, X month, X year
7 days PFB (past fire ball)

My arrival yesterday at Bound castle was not as early as anticipated. I joined the small batallion of soldiers, covering the rear as we made our way back. As I now expected, we were attacked on several occasions, but nothing very lifethreatening. Around dusk we arrived finally, and while the soldiers received their debriefing, I decided to go in. One soldier yelled (or should I say screamed?) out to me, but I doubt I heard him correctly. I must have had some sand in my ears, since I thought I heard him say he wanted to eat an orca with me?

A friendly red haired guard noticed I came in with the soldiers, and guessed correctly I helped out somewhat (though it is my belief my assistance would not have been needed). I talked to him for a while, and gained some more insight on the noticable people here. I must write about these individuals later on. Apparantly someone informed the innkeeper about me, as he approached me, and insisted I rest for free and be given clean clothing.

I was then directed to the washroom, and I freshened up a bit. I cannot put to words how nice it felt to be clean again. Blood, guts, and sand almosted formed layers on my head and skin. Now I know that can't be a good sign. I gazed in the mirror and noticed how clean my hair was again. Then I stared at the scar I usually hide below my scarf. I am not the bragging type but I must admit a battle scar like that can look prettt cool. Of course I'll never admit I got that scar from a monster I killed moments before!

I learned from another soldier that the one who yelled out to me was actually NAMED Orca, and that while he "scores points for trying", he lacks the physical power to actually wield an axe that size. I wonder why he doesn't go for a mini axe or flying axe? Those are much lighter. I asked about that, and the soldier simply said "he's Dekarcrazy.. Dekar's been a hero and friend to him for as long as we know, and since Dekar wields an axe too..".

I was feeling a bit grouchy, and Orca later on entered the room. he asked me what I was doing here, to which I simply (and rather rudely) said I wished to speak to the King. I need to apologise for this tomorrow. But right now, all I wish to do is sleep.

I put away my diary and pen, and I inspected the rock I took from that monster. After cleaning away the blood that was on it, I think I can determin what special powers it may have. I think, but I am not sure, that this specific rock increases the overal resistance of the body skin and muscles.
"In other words" I muttered, "This rock is useless for someone who relies on speed and jumping power."
This would do more good to someone who relies on brute force and isn't affraid to take a hit now and then. I'll hang on to it for the time being. "Afteral, I have a free bed, apparantly a free meal too, and a free bath! I have no need for money right now" I thought before falling asleep.

posted by Ocelot

Orca, get up."
Was that Dekar's voice? The sun couldn't possibly be up yet. What could he be doing?
"Orca, listen. The captain has decided to terminate your service tomorrow. There was nothing I could do. He called you a liability!" I could hear the pain in his voice. Was I really going to be let go? I didn't know what to say.
"I'll think of something before sunrise. Don't worry pal, your skill won't go wasted like this. Just give me some time. I'll see you tomorrow." He left without another word. Was he serious? He sure sounded like it. What would I do if I wasn't a soldier? This was my dream! i thought if I made it this far, nothing could uproot me! What am I going to do? All I could do is wait for morning.

Morning came too soon. At sunrise the captain approached my cell and called to me: "Orca, I'm here to escort you the King's chamber. You and I along with our Highness have a little to discuss about your employment." I knew he was trying to hide what he was going to tell me, but knowing made it feel even worse. I wasn't shackled but two other soldiers flanked me so I had little room to waver. We made our way up to the throne room. It felt like it took forever.

The throne room was filled with its usual inhabitants, even this early. The King, Prince Alex, some advisors and Dekar were all congregating around the room. Peering at Dekar's face, he wore a strangely happy face. Was he up to something? I hope he figured something out.. I also noticed he carried my axe along with his own across is back. How could he possibly carry both?

"The King speaks! Listen closely, Orca!" The captain asserted. The King began:
"Recruit Orca! Your conduct these past few days have jeopardized the lives of your fellow soldiers and even of...royalty." Both the King and Prince Alex blushed slightly. "So it is my obligation to expell you from the army. You are to relinquish you uniform and your equipment will be confiscated-"

"Wait, Your Highness!" Dekar spoke up. "I propose an alternative!"
"Yes, Sir Dekar?"
"Our country needs someone to investigate the other countries' status in light of the increased monster activity. I think Orca would make a wonderful Liaison!" My eyes brightened. Could this be what Dekar had planned? I hope the King will listen.

"You know full well I cannot let his deeds go unpunished!" Well there goes that.
"Then I declare a duel! If Orca wins, he can become this Liaison, and if he loses, he is expelled from the military." There were gasps from pretty much everybody. Everyone in the kingdom knows of Dekar. Only a fool would take his challenge. But what choice did I have?

"Hmmm..." The King pondered. "I think I may enjoy this spectacle. I accept your proposal. Let it commence immediately!"

So now the soldiers pushed me into the center of the room facing Dekar. "Dekar, you're insane!" I shouted. "You're going to kill me!"
"Here, you'll need this." He threw my axe to my feet with a crashing THUD. "Now give me the best you got!"

I heaved up my axe and readied it just as Dekar struck. He clanged off my axe and recoiled, ready to strike again. There were cheers from around the room, apparently some the townspeople caught wind of our battle. A quick glance revealed that Volt was among the spectators.

I tried to swing my axe, but my speed was no match for Dekar's. He just deflected all my blows, but I deflected his as well. "Alright, Orca, get ready!" Dekar declared. He readied his axe for a crushing overhead swing.


Oh god. He jumped up and swung his axe down in an arc. It seemed very slow to me. Was it my adrenaline? I hopped backwards just in time. An earsplitting and earthcrushing blow struck the floor, driving his axe deep into the stone. The crowd erupted. Various cheers rose above the din: "Now's your chance Orca!", "Hit 'em!"

Dekar was struggling to pull his axe out of the floor. He seemed totally distracted. I swung my axe right into his back, driving him to the floor. Luckily, his armor retained. I didn't want to kill him!
He didn't get up. He rolled over and muttered: "Alright Orca," I can't believe it.

It took an entire team of soldiers to remove Dekar's axe. I helped Dekar up as the King spoke. "So be it. I declare you a Liaison of Bound Kingdom; a soldier of information. Now go, before you cause any more damage! I don't care where!"

I sifted through the crowd into the antechamber. Looking back at Dekar, I saw him wink. What a guy, I'll have to repay him someday. So now begins my new mission. Where should I go? 'll spend the rest of the day to think about it.

"Sir Dekar?"
"Yes, your Highness?"
"Why did you throw the fight?"
"You noticed?"
"Don't take me for a fool."
"He is just a boy. Let him out in the world and when he returns, he will be a new man."
"I sure hope you are right."
"Do not worry, sir. Oh, and sorry for destroying your throne room. Do you want me to repair it?"
"Oh no, we'll just throw a carpet over it."
"You only trust me for my axe, don't you?"
"Are you good for anything else?"
"Ouch, your highness. Ouch."

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Postby Volt » Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:08 pm

I woke up around midnight. I'm no longer really able to sleep without being disturbed by the peaceful silence. In the wild, total silence means something bad is going to happen. When a dangerous animal or monster is around, the smaller animals all hide and turn silent. After spending so much time in the wild on and off, my instincts now took over my common sense.

"Not like I mind so much... a few hours of resting is all I usually need anyway. No rest for the wicked I s'pose" I snarled. I put on clothes and decided to go for a stroll. I noticed how peaceful the castle was, and I couldn't help thinking for how much longer it would remain this way. The monster increase in numbers and aggressiveness has me deeply worried.

I decided to stay away from the kitchen. I'm usually always in for a late night snack, but the cook here is a bit... odd. He mentioned something about wanting to use the slime from those green slimy monsters as a substitute for pudding! I pity the soldiers who will someday be given that sort of food. Slowly I realised just how large this castle is. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the largest castles in the world actually. Up ahead I saw light coming out of the Captains Quarters.

"You can't be serious about this!" I heard a familiar voice say. It was the voice of the blue haired warrior they call Dekar. He was obviously distressed by something.
"Becoming a Bound soldier is his dream. You can't seriously take that away just because he's a bit clumsy!"
"Dekar, enough. It's not just that. The Prince is ashamed of himself, but you know fully well he would not put the blame on a mere soldier for that. This is about not being there when the moment arrives. A soldier needs to fend for himself, but also have the back of his comrads. Orca is unable to fulfill either. I am sorry but I have to have him resigned from our army. And that is final. I am sorry."

At that moment I heard footsteps, and I just walked ahead as if I didn't hear anything. Dekar walked past me without paying attention to me. It seems this news brought out a serious side, seeing as he wasn't nearly this serious during the battle of earlier today (yesterday?). I explored the castle enough to know those stairs he entered were the only ones leading down there. I waited a bit, as this situation caught my interest. I couldn't help but think what a busybody I was at times though.

Not long had passed as Dekar came back up. I approached him.

"Excuse me... Dekar was it? I haven't introduced myself to you yet. My name is Volt, and I came from Durale."

Dekar turned around, and his face seemed quite sad still. We shook hands.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I just had a lot on my mind just now."
"The boy, is it not? I am sorry, I overheard your conversation. I do have to agree somewhat with your captain, in that he is not able to fend well for himself or for others in battle."
"What do you know.... about him" Dekar said in a "watch your tongue" kind of way. This wasn't my intention, so I proceeded with a bit more caution than before.
"I didn't mean it like that. I am sorry if I offended you. But I meant to say that at the moment he would do well learning more fighting on his own. I couldn't help but noticing how you took care of any imminent threat right away. A man isn't really tested on his skill until he reaches life-threatening situations. He can't grow if you are always protecting him."
"What do you suggest?" he asked.

"A discharge would mean he wouldn't be able to rejoin again. And it seems it's not his personality that is the problem, or his devotion to his training, but more the fact that he is clumsy. I suggest that tomorrow, you have him be sent off to other countries and borders using some excuse for it. This way he can grow as a person and warrior. I myself am on my way to Parcelyte, send him there. I can keep an eye on him if the situation demands it, and it might do him some good."

Dekar stared at me as if he was trying to scan my persona. After some thinking, he spoke up again.
"That seems like a good idea. But how can I suggest this without it being wavered away?"
"You'll think of something. Also... you may want to give him this object" I said as I reached for the Rock I found earlier.
"You know of rocks and jewels right? They can enhance a person's power in mysterious ways. This specific rock allows a person to become stronger physically and more durable against magic. Who knows, it may even give him that extra bit of strength needed to wield that absurd axe of his." I handed him the rock. Judging from the look on his face, he wasn't sure why I gave it to him to pass it on to Orca.
"It's simple. If he receives it from me, he'll think of it as odd that someone unknown to him would just give him an item such as this. If you give this to him, along with some good advice, he'll treasure it and put it to good use."

"I dont understand why you are doing this all for someone you hardly know though." he mumbled. Truth be told I didn't understand it much myself! "I don't know. To be honest, I feel bad times are ahead of us. I'd rather have people being able to defend themselves when the time arrives. But in any case... I am tired again, so I'm going to bed again. Remember what I said. I'm sure you'll figure something out!"

He nodded his head in approval, and I made my way back to my bed. This time I didn't undress but just fell asleep on the bed.

That night, my dreams were filled with oddities. I dreamt of a strange redhaired man who would be vital for the survival of the world... a greenhaired woman, and I saw Dekar in a blazing temple. Then I saw Orca, more musculine than he is now, wielding his axe with ease. None of it made any sense, and by morning, I had forgotten about the dream.

I was quite groggy until I heard someone yell "HEY EVERYONE! ORCA'S GONNA FIGHT DEKAR!!". That alone was my cue to go to the throneroom. I needed to go there in the first place since I still hadn't spoken with the King. I kept to the side a bit, as I was explained what happened by a guard. I smiled as I listened and watched. There wasn't a doubt in my mind what Dekar was planning. Actually I was pretty sure NOBODY doubted the endresult of this one. Though I only spoke to Dekar for a few minutes, actions said more than words. He'd throw the fight.

And indeed I was right. I was given an opportunity to study Orca's fighting skills. He would make for an efficient fighter if it wasnt for that darn Axe of his. His eyes captured every last one of Dekars movements, and he knew exactly where to hit. Though his inexperience was a huge risk for Dekar. Orca wouldn't be able to stop his own swing if dekar's life were in danger. And then I realised what happened... just to be on the safeside, Dekar probably used that rock to increase his own defensive powers. It made perfect sense.

I stood there, my sword around my back, and hands in my pockets as I watched the aftermath. I was right; nobody disliked the lad. They just thought he was too clumsy to deal with. I wondered if >I< would be able to deal with it.

I walked up to Orca as he made his way through the masses, and tapped him on his shoulders.
"Pack whatever you feel is needed for a long trip. Gold, armor, weaponry. You'll travel with me to Parcelyte. Be sure to say your goodbyes to everyone, and be sure to thank Dekar for what he did. Not many people are willing to put their life and reputation on the line like he just did. I plan to leave after my audience with the King."

Again I felt like I was being rude. I couldnt help but be right to the point. I really don't like being in a single spot for more than a few days. And well I admit... I was excited to be so close to Parcelyte now!

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