The Town Square (in Scavia)

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The Town Square (in Scavia)

Postby Elec2684 » Sun May 16, 2004 11:10 pm

Unless you plan to stay inside all day, you must travel through here. It's crowded pretty much 24/7 as children run about, merchants bargain, and travelers enter and leave the city, etc. The marketplace as well as some shops are located conveniently near the inn so that adventurers can restock their supplies without having to walk too far. To the left of the inn, there's a manhole which serves as an entrance to the sewers.


Alone and penniless, Miko hangs about the streets at night looking for someplace warm to stay after being too scared to ask anyone for money so that she can sleep in the inn. She gathers up some twigs and uses Spark to make a fire. After a few minutes, she hears some people talking. She extinguishes her fire and starts walking in the direction the voices are coming from. After walkng a couple of meters, she sees the silouettes (sp) of two people facing each other. She hides behind some bushes and listens to what they have to say.
Person1: It is said that the sudden appearance of all those monsters has something to do with the Tower of Discordiance.
Person2: That tower not to far from town?
Person1: No! The tower on the other continent! Of course it's the tower near this town! Where have you been?
Person2: Okay okay. Sorry. I just wanted to make sure I heard you right.
Miko has heard enough and she leaves town to head for the Tower of Discordiance. She sees it in the distance and she runs toward it. She smiles because she realizes that she can finally do something meaningful.
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